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Moophisto 381

Adapted from my Store Champ Winning Vader/Guard deck, this deck looks to abuse double Vader turns with Leadership.

I dropped CQA for the Leaderships from my melee heavy Vader/Guard build as Phasma adds less melee synergy. I also dropped Makashi Training to slot in the Praetorian Guard, as the dice sides are comparable but Praetorian Guard can be played on Phasma to give her guardian to protect Vader.

I also dropped the Kylo's Saber and Lightsaber for 2 Riot Batons, as they are pretty much the premier red melee weapon. I will note that thus far, however, I am claiming less with this build and finding resources to be a bit scarcer due to increased resource curve of the CQA -> Leadership change, so I am considering dropping them and slotting the Makashi's back in. Not sure yet.

Along the same line, I am having more trouble pooling resources over the course of the game so I have dropped Rise Again. In its place, I have put in a The Best Defense. And, given how strong TBD can be, I also swapped out the single copy of deflect from my old list for it.

As of now I am still running two Price of Failures in addition to the Leaderships to make sure I have one when I need it. I suspect Price of Failure will be cut once EAW hits because Coercion terrifies me, but time will tell.

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Dave Sharona 605

Yes, this list is correct :D

Just not a fan of Trust Your Instincts, but I understand its utility

Foz 919

Do you think Force Speed will also be cut due to the prevalence of Rend?


I'd probably drop Isolation. There is not as much premium of removing character as of late, and you could slot in a o cost logistics to help pay for your 1 cost events and Riot batons. Price of Failure is still a better value play than leadership, because it is free, and you can still get a Phasma activation with it. I'd drop 1 leadership instead of 1 PoF. you should be able to get rid of PoF when it really matters most of the time.

Zonexir 1

I'm not sure with The Price of Failure as we will have Coercion in yellow villain decks.

Foz 919

@boardgamer4life I pick Enrage over Logistics here for sure. Logistics requiring a roll makes it far too unreliable for my taste.

biulk6 1

I'm working on a similar build and I would like to know what you guys think about Tactical Mastery that would allow to roll Vader and resolve its dice without fearing any mitigation and the new Feint that other than fixing a bad roll could allow a double discard on Vader's activation.

jasonsbrown 75

Dude, get out of my head.

Moophisto 381

@Foz it's certainly possible regarding the rend - will be a meta call depending on if literally every deck is running it or not.

@boardgamer4life possibly I'm a big fan of isolation for my local.meta, but agree that depending on the meta you play in something else, like deflect may be better. Also agree though that if you are looking for a resource generator, I'd probably go enrage. Having to roll and use a resource are both downsides to logistics.

@Zonexir as I mentioned, I agree. This build is certainly for the current "mini-meta." I will almost certainly take out PoF once coercionc is a threat.

@biulk6 I considered tactical mastery but do not want to have to spend the resource for it necessarily. It s a consideration though, especially it I cut say the isolations (to account for resource curve) or force speed due to rend as discussed above.

As for feint, we.will see, but the resource cost worries me, and I don't know that Vader's ability and the possibility of rerollingaloje are enough to justify the cost/card slot.

Zonexir 1

Oh yea, for now PoF is ok :)

imo Tactical Mastery will be great in mid-late game when you have 2-3 upgrades on Vader. I'll swith the PoF for TM for sure.

Foz 919

Regarding Feint, I highly doubt it's worth paying 1 and a card just to use Vader's ability again. Try to think of it like Feint becomes a card that costs 1 resource and says "force an opponent to choose and discard a card from their hand." Would you play that card? I would not, which means (for me at least) Feint on Vader is not good enough.

Jorgyn Ryys 101

I don't like Feint with Darth Vader - Sith Lord. I do like it with Kylo Ren - Tormented One and Thrawn - Master Strategist due it being more specific. I agree with @FozFoz that one resource isn't worth them choosing and discarding a card.

billeddy 20

Incredible (& clever) naming of the deck! I love it!! :)

Scactha 829

The curve doesn´t support Boundless nor is there ever much point of two Illusions imo. Further there´s better, cheaper weapons with synergy in the new lightsabres.

I´d go 1 Crossguard Lightsaber, 2 Ancient Lightsaber, 2 Shoto Lightsaber and 2 Lightsaber Pull instead. Toss a Baton, P Guard, Vibros and add Logistics. Now you have easier access to upgrades, bonus heal, better funds for them, and another finisher over Strike in Lightsaber Training which marries well with FS.

Next rebuild the curve going something like 12-8-x-x instead to support the Boundless which are always good as long as they are planned for.

Foz 919

@Scactha I think it's a mistake to remove Praetorian Guard. Its damage is all unmodified, and Guardian is very likely to force Phasma to be focused, effectively giving Vader +10 HP. It's easily the most effective tool in the deck to keep Vader alive.

In my experience playing Vader in various incarnations, it has been difficult to assemble multiple upgrades on him. Even with resource boosts, he is probably dead before you can ever bring a Lightsaber Training to bear on 2 sabers. Playing Lightsaber Training also exposes you to problems if you can't find/keep your lightsabers, like against Drop Your Weapon! or Imperial Inspection. I expect I Have You Now will end up being a much more reliable alternative in that it doesn't require any particular cards in play. Ultimately Vader's own dice have always been the most frequent thing you want to turn anyway, so I don't see the value in trying to force a strategy that relies on cards that can't turn his character dice. IHYN turns any die that happens to need it right now, and I find that more valuable than the off chance Lightsaber Training might turn 2 dice.

Reklawyad 65

@FozThe Praetorian Guard has 2 unmodified, and the +2 is modified. With having TBD in the deck I think Praetorian Guard is a risky move, you're giving up 2 resources to give Phasma Guard when you really want to keep her around to use Leadership. I personally like more removal but can see how just hitting hard might be better.

Foz 919

@Reklawyad So it is! Marked wrong in the database apparently, the hover-over pop-up shows it as a black side.

Reklawyad 65

After playing this deck tonight with my own spin, it's still a work in progress. I went 3-0, but had some more tweaks to do. I out in Tactical Mastery and was very happy I did. The other surprised card was Clash, it makes the deck more consistent on offense.

I did have Holdout blasters in mine, but feel they are not needed and will swap those out for the Praetorian Guardian for a Sunday event. If your opponent goes for Vader guardian can help on Phasma a ton. I also have her Blaster in my version, but always had other cards that were more important to playing my hand.

Logistics was always able to be played, I would say you need that card early to get the resource advantage.

Scactha 829

@Foz All good points, but the problem with trusting in Vaders intrinsic dice is vulnerability to control, which is more prevalent than Inspection (dying to Rend anyway going forward). It´s a problem of preference I reckon.

Foz 919

Sure, I get you. I'm not advocating the removal or avoidance of the lightsabers which do have some synergy with each other and are relatively efficient as well - I just don't think Lightsaber Training presents better value than I Have You Now most of the time. You can turn a saber die with either card. IHYN can turn any die (even opponent which I just realized) to damage, while LT can turn up to 2 of your blue weapons to any sides. It's certainly a preference thing, I prefer the versatility of knowing no matter what my game state is, the card can turn one of my dice.

I also feel like most games I won't be able to commit 5 resources to making Lightsaber Training turn 2 dice. There's no way around paying for the Lightsabers so in order for it to ever be the better card, you'd have to commit 4 to upgrade plays and still find 1 more to play LT. I don't feel like my playstyle or most of my Vader games would support that, playing other things is usually too vital.

Sparetomato 1

I do like this deck, but I'm curious as to the selection of Praetorian Guard over Personal Escort.

You're only ever going to drop it on Captain Phasma - Ruthless Tactician and the die doesn't synergise that well with her. Personal Escort is cheaper and does the same thing albeit without adding a die to your pool...

Or what about swapping out one of the Guards for an Escort with the thought that if Escort comes out first you can ramp into the Guard, and if the Guard comes out first, the Escort simply becomes the reroll fodder that the second guard is?