5 dice vehicle deck

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4 commentaires

DarthRawl 1

nice, this is what the staff were running at the Nova Open, hits hard, but take hera out and it falls apart quick

Melkorexar 114

There are some cards, missing there that make this very abusive, and have that PoeMaz feelings. I think this will be a strong archetype in the set, very fast vehicle deck with a way to stick in those big guns abd action cheat. Using Lead by example ou Partnership with maz you can actually action cheat those vehicles, what makes this bonkers.

Destiny Deck Analysis 119

How did you publish this deck since it has unreleased cards?

Aorakis 1

@DarthRawl yup, that exactly what i thought about that "new vehicule way of playing"

I don't quite see, how this could face those big phasma aggro deck as they can easely pop out 10 damage turn one and then kill this deck...

Developpers have turned crazy on dark side since the game is out, but now, they're ridiculously way above heroes in term of speed damage and top tier decks...

Nice composition anyway, nice to see it.