eAhsoka/Qui-Gon aggro Luke´s Protection combo

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eAhsoka/Qui-Gon 30/3 TTS Test 0 0 0 2.0

bombaacme 109

Future Tier 1 deck!

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Aorakis 1

no vibroblades ? (coz of lightsaber pull ?) no lightsabers (wich has redeploy ?) 2 Ashoka dies ? Making her ability quite expansive, would'nt it be better the opposite ? eQuigon Ahsoka ?

Defenatly not sure that light side jedis are going to be part of the top tier section ^^ They're way too slow for that

Look at what dark side got... Phasma, Kylo v2... so fast at making damage with better attachements...

Someday, maybe, lightside will have a permession ot build on 33 34 points instead of 30... and there, they might have a real chance to contest the Tier List...

bombaacme 109

I use Ahsoka elite instead of qui gon because I do not want it to be the main target and also to be able to equip the upgrades in it, in ahsoka it is only worth to equip the fearless and perhaps an obiwan diary. The deck has all events cost 0 except deflect to better explore the ahsoka hab that combo mto well with fearless. The deck has a redeploy weapon that I can pull with lightsaber pul if necessary, I do not use vibro because I will not have resources for it since the priority is to make the two shoto and fearless that is more synergistic with both characters.

BobLobLaw94 GDP 218

I am excited to pair these two together. I am thinking of doing eQui as paying for two Ashoka dice doesn't seem the best. I'd probably try to find room for Vibroknifes though as that card in any melee deck is just fantastic.

GenghisDon 69

I give up on QGJ. I've tried to use him and build around him but most everything I play against is medium to heavy aggro so he can't keep up with the beating he takes when he is replacing his shields all the time. He is such an attractive character since he essentially has 4 attack sides, but I can't keep him alive. LS Pull will be useful when the new set comes out though.

bombaacme 109

@GenghisDon fearless + lukes protection, shoto lightsaber + LS pull are cards that are bringing a lot of strength to the Qui-Gon. I really believe that Qui-Gon will play a lot in the next edition.

sinrin 170

Even if these are future tier 1 characters, this is not a future tier 1 build.

Aorakis 1

@sinrin they are'nt going to be next tier one at all...

Coz they're just not on the good side for being tier one !

Developpers are making sure of that ;)

bombaacme 109

@Aorakis Let's wait for the edition to see.. ;D