Mono red phasma (updated)

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Bouncewithout 75

Good clean dice, Strong health pool and some tricks!

A few single cards at this point of the testing process to get a feel for the deck and where the meta is gonna end up.

Comment below.

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stranglebat 418

I likes it!

dpuck1998 46

Just built something similar today, looks interesting. I put in 9's instead of Death Trooper though.

Rayzer730 1

The concept is great, but why so many x1 cards? I see things like Squad Tactics and Tactical Mastery as something you either want 2 or 0 of since they set the pace of the game. Also, I love Riot Baton but it seems out of place being the only card with melee damage. Maybe swap it out to complete a set for 2 of the Events?

mdr9687 1

Just tried this deck at a local tournament. I subbed an IQA-11 Blaster Rifle for the Z6 because I don't own one and Tactical Mastery for one of the DH-17s for the same reason. Was definitely difficult to pull down.

Bouncewithout 75

`@Rayzer730 tha ks for the comment. Riot batons are great woth 3 characters because of the redeploy. Although the deck has some tricks for speed its not going to claim often so mixed dice dont hurt that much. The 1 ofs are fairly common in initial testing until we work out what's needed exactly and the tricks are a luxury not necessarily the plan a so ok to shave on them.

@mdr9687 thanks for the comment. I hope you did well with the deck. The idea was to have something that can go long if needed with a great health pool and endless ranks and also dish out the pain.