Rey-Jyn Cajun! ***with explanation***

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Earman22 122

My new brain baby trying to make Jyn a viable damage deck. Control your opponent, stay alive with a decent health pool, shields and Second Chances, including the recycle ability of cheat and rebel to bring anything in your discard pile back. No modified sides between all 3 die. Creating a tough decision for your opponent is awesome here. If they go after Rey throw on a vibroknife or staff onto Jyn, and Rey's lightsaber will be redeployed over. Before Rey dies, put on OWTF, which is very synergistic to Jyn's gun sides. Tons of free removal with Jyn's ability, so you want to tempt them to go after Rey, but even if Jyn is the target, the removal is mostly a one cost. As a final thought, I tried to provide synergy with Rey's ability and shields, including Hunker down and a Diplomatic Immunity, and a couple of Take Covers. Throw in Luke's protection and she's set each round to do one damage, if Luke's Protection is the last action of the round. (excluding Fast Hands and immediate damage shenanigans via ambush, etc.)

We'll see how they fair up. I was bored with the meta, and I'm impatient for my EAW to come in. So this gave me something to play with.

Let's go ahead and call it a mid-range control damage deck.

4 commentaires

Brandonious 222

Nice, man! This was a tough deck for sure!!!

Blakeclevenger 1

once used second chance doesn't go in your discard

Earman22 122

@Blakeclevenger, yeah I forgot about that. Shouldn't make a huge difference with 2 copies. Thanks for the point out. Cheers!

BasilStagHare 1

I checked on FFG community Forums, and valuable members say Rebel works on a used Second Chance.