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AnotherWitch 51

This is a theoretical Empire At War deck which I haven't tested yet, but I think the theory is sound enough to test it.

Your goals in this deck are: --Use Vibroknife, Lightsaber/Rey's Lightsaber with a Port District - Bespin Claim, and Hit and Run get 8 chances to roll-and-resolve K-2SO - Reprogrammed Droid's excellent dice. Freely overwrite those upgrades over each other to get additional 2-action chunks. --Play out Planetary Uprising and Drop Zone when you come across them to add further benefit to your life whenever you claim that Port District. --Use Bestow to get a reactiviation from K-2SO's ability. --Play mikashi training K-2SO to improve his roll-and-resolves, since it's not a "weapon" so its cost is not inflated on him.

Then proceed to use Rey to action cheat your way through the round doing damage with K-2SO and sabers on Rey, then claim to do a bit more damage with Planetary and Drop zone and to preserve your lightsaber-overwriting action cheat ability for the next round.

Cards I kind of wish I had room for: New Orders Logistics ??? Or Secret Mission?? I'm not yet sure how good I think Secret Mission is. Force Training (also for K-2SO)

Cards in the deck I'm not sure about: None. Lol. That's why I can't fit New Orders. But I think you have enough juice to win without Port District; it just becomes more important to load up Rey for the final push.

3 commentaires

irisamelia 3

HOLY CRAP THAT BATTLEFIELD! Need! (I play ReyHan a lot)

Very interesting deck, hope you can test it out soon! K-2SO looks awesome here.

Ion87 25

I'd love to hear some play-test experience for this deck. Hoping K-2SO is viable! Great idea on the Makashi Training for K-2SO - Reprogrammed Droid

dnanis 1

how do you play Destino with K2? I've found different opinions weather +2 on weapons apply or not when using that card.

Is there any official clarification?