Ruthless and Vicious

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Nate0026 13

Just wanted to make a cool villain deck. Please give me advice! Much appreciated!

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GenghisDon 69

needs Tactical Mastery to use cable launchers special before the opponent has a chance to react. Play TM, attach cable launcher on Bane, roll Bane for free, use cable launchers special. That would be EPIC!!

Nate0026 13

@GenghisDonGood call! Thanks so much! Fast Hands will help out with that too! At this point I'm trying to get my resources up so I can afford all these weapons. Any suggestions?

Reelmancoop 10

Try Imperial HQ as a support. I'd switch it out for black market.

Sidehatch 47

Agreed with @Reelmancoop, Black Market doesn't play well with Cad Bane - Vicious Mercenary.