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JohnnyOrigami 8

Once I saw the LR1K Sonic Cannon I knew I had to use it. I'm trying out this deck as a way to play it as best as possible. Any feedback would be appreciated since this deck has few dice mitigation and I haven't tested it yet. I won't have a final build until EaW comes out anyways but this is a start.

Here's how I feel this deck should be played. You're trying to use Hux's special to get out the Cannon and AT-DP before he dies. Attach one Wingman on a Tie Pilot. You don't need two for this deck but we have two just to get it out quicker. Lead by Example should be on a TP to ready the Cannon. Don't roll in Hux if you have the Sonic Cannon out. Put redeploy weapons on the Tie Pilots and roll them in. Ideally you'll roll in both Tie pilots/Sonic Cannon all at once with weapons/upgrades preventing any of those blaster dice from being removed. You could easily run 10-15 damage per turn if you can pull it off but getting to that point could be some work. If a Tie Pilot get targeted first, load up the other one and try getting Endless Ranks out with Hux's special.

Hux gets the cannon out quick with his special. You could do it in round one. If you can get his special, use it to play Imperial Backing for free. Then you can pay for the cannon with your starting 2 resources. You can do this same strategy to play an AT-DP for free.

His special is also used for Endless Ranks, Salvo, Red Alert and The Best Defense....
Reviving a Tie Pilot for 3 resources would feel so good.

The Tie Pilot's prevent your opponent from removing your blaster dice while also giving a very nice bonus to your blaster damage. They also have focus sides on their die, allowing a Hux special to be easier to obtain.

Rebel War Room - Yavin IV & Imperial War Machine works well with LR1K Sonic Cannon and Rocket Launcher, allowing you to do big damage for free when you have no resources.

Red Alert is only in here because I'd like to test it out and I could potentially roll in a fully loaded Tie Pilot twice in a turn. And I might be able to only spend 1 resource to do it. (Again with the Hux Special).

Salvo can do 6 Sonic Cannon damage to each character, potentially for free as well or it can do AT-DP or Rocket Launcher spread damage. Whatever you heart desires.

Ruthless Tactics + LR1K Sonic Cannon = 9 damage in one shot.

Aftermath is used to get resources when we need them, primarily for upgrades or for when we can't use Hux's special. Each character also has a resource side on their die so I'm not 100% about this card yet.

Mobilize and the Hux could get 4 resources for free. Seems perfect in this deck.

I was debating between Lead by Example or Natural Pilot. I chose Lead by Example instead of Natural Pilot for three reasons. First, it's cheaper. Second, it has a higher chance of getting a focus die. I can see it being a problem if someone is playing Imperial Inspection but I still think it's better. Third, LBE activates LR1K Sonic Cannon and AT-DP where as Natural Pilot only activates the AT-DP (correct me if I'm wrong on that)

Other cards that I think might work well are... Battle Formation, Pinned Down, Prepare for War, Tactical Mastery, Undying Loyalty. Fall Back, We Have Them Now, Weapons Factory Alpha - Cymoon 1

Again, any input on this deck would be greatly appreciated. I want it to work. I feel that the cannon has so much potential.

TL;DR: Hux's special gets out cannon and AT-DP. Tie Pilots prevent them from being removed and do big damage. All other cards have synergy with that in mind.

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DukeEarl 1

Hux's special works on Events, not Support.

JohnnyOrigami 8

You use Hux's special for Imperial Backing which gets the supports out.