I am Wookiee, Hear Me Rraaarrggh!

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rzenni 211

Unleash your inner Wookiee beast with the ultimate in Wookie powered decks!

We start with two proud Wookiee warriors and add in Snap, known friend of the Wookiee people.

In addition to our traditional Wookiee weapons like the vibroaxe and bow caster, we use the electrostaff to get around our costly melee attacks and the vibroknife because Rraaarggh your shields.

Second chance keeps our warriors alive and life debt keeps Snap alive.

We close quarters assault them while we build our revolution, gather plenty of resources for the final push, and keep our wookiees alive...

And THEN the glorious Wookiee revolution begins! Unable to claim, our enemies will have no choice but to pass helplessly as our Uprising chips away at them until we can Battle Rage them and they decide to Let the Wookiees Win!

8 commentaires

Rassilon5x5 10

I was thinking about a Snap-Wookie deck myself. This seems good... I can't wait to give it a Wookie whirl! Thanks!

SecurityRake 1

I'm onboard, except that Life Debt is a hilariously bad card. Compare to using Draw Attention, or any mitigation card that would likely give you more value.

ChaChaTrevor 77

Get Drop Zone in there for even more claiming induced damage :)

Wookiees need a way to get around the planet.

rzenni 211

@SecurityRake Life Debt is bad but it’s part of our proud wookie traditions! If your non traditional you cannot go wrong with a holdout blaster or even just defensive position.

@ChaChaTrevor Drop Zone is good, but those poor clone troopers cannot keep up with our mighty Wookiee warriors!

@Rassilon5x5 Rrraarrrgghhh!

Darth Sever 1

do you equip the bowcasters on the wookies only?

rzenni 211

Usually but only because snap tends to die before I'm ready to cast a bowcaster.

Lopsinho 1

what about impersonate?

rzenni 211

`@Lopsinho Better than life debt but without wookie art...