Qui-kan Starkiller Base Throwdown at Showdown winner.

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nojjon 209

I recently won at tourney hosted by starkillerbase and showdown gaming cafe. We had 9 people show up, not a huge turnout but tough competition like always. We did a top 4 cut. I am also the current Canadian national champion. I haven't done a write up in a while so why not this one. There was another deck on here that was pretty much what i wanted to make for the tourney. I made one change and added force speed.

Kanan was a great addition to the blue heroes. I have not had much luck with luke and mace. Shields didn't really matter in the past because of Vibroknife. I've been testing kanan with qui gon and 2 padawans. Both with pretty good results. Kanan's cost and ability is just amazing. You can make some very interesting plays with his focus sides.

The deck is slow. You are trying to survive to the mid-late game. Its all about the shields. Ideally you want to keep qui-gon alive so you can shield ping. Money is super tight the 1st few rounds. Shield up and setup that is the goal at first.

Opening hand.

You are looking for jedi robes, fearless + luke's protection and 0 cost cards like Caution or speed. Play the robes to get 2 shields and then overwrite with fearless. Play luke's protection, use it, roll qui gon in and use luke's protection again. This is one of the combos you want to try to set up. If you can't get that combo going you want shoto plus other lightsaber, ideally another shoto or rey's. The idea is just to stay alive until you set one of these combos up. Once you have either combo setup you start using extra money to play ancient lightsaber to heal.

Shields or dmg.

I like to max shields on qui-gon early. So I wont ping unless I think I can kill someone the same turn. I even throw shields on kanan if they are hitting him. The key is just to stay alive until you can setup. The aggro decks now can hit for big numbers early and you have to try to stay alive. I've seen people do 8-10dmg first and 2nd round quite often nowadays.

Cards. My thoughts.

Force speed. Its free and rend bait for luke's protection. Perfect to put on Kanan early.

Force illusion. Helps keep you alive but you have to be careful when using. Do not illusion your luke's protection and weapons unless you have 2 or already drew them.

rey's lightsaber: Its good but I may drop one for a regular lightsaber. Having an extra redeploy weapon is more handy.

Vibroknife: not worth the space in this deck.

Luke's lightsaber: no redeploy, no point.

It bind's all things: Was too slow and kinda useless once you have 2 upgrades on qui-gon. I much rather have the space for something else.

Caution: try to use it early, especially if you choose your battlefield..

Force misdirection and guard: Both are awesome with kanan's focus. Hitting a resource side vs yel villians is a good option 2. They always have bait and switch waiting.

Reaping The Crystal: A very viable option. Drop 2 force speed for 2 lightsabers.

Clash: Excellent card in melee heavy metas.

Sound The Alarm: possible choice

Do Or Do Not: for those that like to gamble

Defensive Stance: shields are shields.

Rend: meta dependent


Obi wan's hut. The best choice and terrible for non blue.


Is it a top tier deck? hmm Maybe. Mill decks and 4 character decks can be a problem. Both are usually able to generate large amounts of money which you can do nothing about. Their end game is usually better then yours. Mill really messes with your combo setup. Yel decks that take away your money before you can spend it is also a huge problem. Palpatine. A very hard matchup. He is tough enough to survive and get setup. Agrro decks will always be a problem. One good roll before you can shield up will usually mean game over.

Fun deck to play and one of the better blue hero decks since release.

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Break Windu 8

What about using Force Training? Roll the special and with Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master's ability its 2 damage. Just a thought.

Break Windu 8

Also Journals of Ben Kenobi will allow you to use Luke's Protection twice in one turn.

nojjon 209

Not much space for force training and you rather have the other 2 cost items. None of them require you to roll for any shields other then ancient lightsaber.

The prob with journals is it takes up an upgrade slot and I dont think I would give up anything for it. Drawing a card at the cost of its die is very meh.