Bromance - Han / Chewie

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Ramin2-D2 543

The ultimate bromance, the duo of Han and Chewie. This is probably the most resilient deck that can be possibly created. The entire deck revolves around ambush, allowing to basically do a majority of set-up and plays within "one turn". And its main theme is about chipping damage at the opponent, while shielding and healing a bunch.

Han Solo has a great ability to generate shields. And with so many ambush cards, plus Infamous in a yellow deck, keeping him alive should be hardly a problem. Chewbacca has a large health, making him resilient on his own. The way I see it, Chewbacca has 4 sides of his dice with damage, which makes him the more consistent to do damage, thus being the elite character. The special on Chewie can be as devastating as it is hilarious. I usually use it in the wisest manner possible, such as switching an opponent die to a modifier that can't be used, or a die side to a damage for resource when the opponent has no more resources.

Han Solo is probably the character that you want to survive in the end, since his shield generations just make him a menace to defeat. That being said, make Chewie the threat by placing weapons on him. The opponent will have to choose whether to try to defeat the defensive threat or the damaging threat.

It takes some thinking as to know when it is necessary to burst and try to kill an opposing character, rather than trying to outlive, because this deck does have huge damage potential. But most of the strategy, with so much healing from Second Chance a bunch of times, and so many shields, is to be patient and play for the long game. Pace yourself, and know that sometimes you just roll badly, just wait for next round, because chances are you live long enough to see next round.

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ironlix 1

i like this theme! Do you think it's possible to include a Millennium Falcon with these resources?

Ramin2-D2 543

@ironlix i think with the new Legacies set, i would add in Hidden Blaster, Easy Pickings, and maybe only 1 of the new Millenium Falcon, since its ability is fun with a Fast Hands character.