Top 4 Austin 50 person Regionals 11/25 - Rainbow Ree (5's)

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5-Wide Villain - Artificery Constructed 11/11/17 Top 4 12 8 3 1.0
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5 Dice Villain w/ no X-8 2 1 0 1.0

Pickles 59

Not many changes vs the hyperloops deck. The strategy is the same as any rainbow 5s. Load up Bala with redeploy and make up for in dice saturation what you lack in high number die sides. There comes a tipping point in any matchup where your opponent just can't control that many dice.

Changes from other decks. Went for 2 flanks vs. 2 friends in low places. I personally don't care for On the Hunt as I seem to never roll the special. And for me 2 force illusions as an inclusion helped save games.

I still think this is the best deck in the game right now. My loss in top 4 was based primarily on user error due to fatigue, not due to a problem with the deck itself.

MVP without a doubt was night sister. I used her ability aggressively in most matches, and the ones I didn't were the ones I lost.

Used on ancient lightsaber, holdout blaster or shoto, they almost always rolled into something better for me. Also she got very annoying to most players so they would switch to her as a target leaving bala alive longer.

If I were to add anything it might be a sound the alarm for Sabine/mirror or a second intimidate due to the over abundance of Qui gon Kanan in our meta.

I have heard debate about including deflect, but there were several games where it was just the difference I needed. Deflecting a Kanan bolt into his partner, deflecting a Sabine reroll, or even once deflecting a rocket launcher into FN were all plays that helped turn the tide of the game. It is removal + dmg for 1 cost, so I tried to dig for them early vs ranged.

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billeddy 20

For the purpose of 2x Intimidate, would you be willing to remove Friends in Low Places or Logistics? How would you adjust for a 2nd intimidate? I opted not to run 1x "Friends" and went that route -- how about yourself? Were you forced to choose how would you adjust your deck?

billeddy 20

Why are people using Secret Facility - Scarif? Isn't this a tad slower than others? I went with Ewok Village - Endor, but i think my 'noob' is showing -- would love to hear your comment on that as well. Thanks.

Pickles 59

I would probably have dropped the Friends in low places. Logistics is fantastic, especially in either round 1 or 2 to ramp up. I found that many decks are faster than I am, so I don't want to give them the ability to get rid of my shields as Ewok Village does. Generally I go with their battlefield so I can start with some shields on Bala.