Swamp Thing

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CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1286

updated regionals winning list here: http://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/17600/swampthing-hamiltonregionalwinnerchancecubedeck-3.0

Been working on this deck since the release of the 2 player set. The earlier version of this deck was Wren and Stimpy, which was ePoe2/Sabine. Once Yoda was spoiled I knew right away that I'd be updating this list to include Yoda. I've been going back and forth between eyoda or esabine and finally landed on this list.

All in, Force Speed, Never tell me the odds and running interference are all cards that allow you to resolve a ton of damage before your opponent can respond. Friends in low places is a flex spot that could easily be force illusion but i've slotted it in there due to the OTK seventh sister deck. Its a meta call, if you don't expect to deal with that deck, you can confidently put in illusions instead.

Hard mulligan for Maz's goggles! The ideal opening hand is Maz's goggles, force speed, an ambush weapon(preferably hidden blaster to remove a shield), a removal card and running interference.

In this slower, midranged meta this deck is often able to kill your opponents main character by round 3, never really allowing them to ramp up to their ideal board state.

Sabine has always been an OK character who relied on good rolls to win, i've designed this deck to not care so much about rolls. Roll out Yoda and as long as you have a yoda special or focus showing(maz' goggles), you can roll out sabine with an ambush weapon and with the extra action, you can all in or force speed into 6-10 dmg. Or force speed into NTMTO or even NTMTO and exhaust Running interference. There are so many different ways to fix your dice where your opponent can't touch them or you can resolve them right way.

If you really think about the amount of cards in this deck that are above or over the curve, you can see why, if played right, it can be super consistent and effective. Sabine, basically the only effective action cheater that does dmg Force Speed Running interference Yoda All in Never tell me the odds

let me know what you think!


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