Patience! Green Goblin - Purple Monkey. Danish Regionals win

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CNA79 130

Just thought i would post my Regionals winning list with Zeb-Yoda.

It was build to counter Poe-Hondo, 5D villains/Talzin and shield strong decks. It did exactly that.

Especially Hondo is having a rough time, as this decks keeps generating resources, while slowly building up with upgrades. I very rarely re-rolls with this deck and feel fine to take shields and resources from Zeb.

It´s played with patience and a build up which are accelerating around turn 3-4 where Zeb should have 1-2 strong weapons attached, and you have kept your opponent under control with some strong mitigation cards. It´s a special play style which surely won´t suit everybody, but played right it´s just so strong i the current meta.

I had not tested the deck before the Regionals, so i would probably remove Running interference, Never tell me the odds and maybe anticipate.

Looking at Impulsive, Friends in low places, Bravado and a second Lone Operative going forward.

I plan to do a new version of the deck, with a write up on every item in the deck.

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master_luke 1

Have you tested any newer versions? : )