Yondo - Regional Championship Winner Gdańsk 4.02.2018

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Portland Regional 7-1 Swiss | Top 4 Overall | Artificery.com 6 3 6 1.0
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Yoda / Hondo Warsaw [PL] Regionals Winner 9 5 4 1.0

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So this is "my" take on Hondo shaningans. Card choices are similar to everything folating somewhere in depths of this page ;) All in all, i went 4-2 in swiss, and than took out 3 times poe2/Hondo 2v1, 2v1, 2v0 Top 8 was Sabine/Ezra, Sabine/Yoda, Rainbow 5, this, and 4x Poe/Hondo (althou i think there were 3 different builds)

In Swiss i played against: Bye ;) Win with HeroeMill Win with Poe/Hondo (my oponent form finals ;) ) Lose with Poe/Hondo (goo.gl/mBT5QW ) Lose with Sabine/Ezra Win with Poe/Hondo

Changes before tournament:

+2 Force Misdirection - i was anticipating heavy meta, so it might have worked, but as usual there is nothing as simple as great card without setbacks. Resolving my chains of specials leave me with no dice to chose from, and chains on the other side ... same story. ;) In the tournament there were maybe 2-3 situations that i used it, but it wasn't game-changing. I would be ok with 1 or 0

+1 Defend - This card i used once, but would never ditch it for anything, during the day i played only once against deck, and it shined there more than dimonds ;)

Changes after torunament:

-1 maybe -2 Force Throw - there was one time i used it and it was to throw dice with 1 , so ... maybe i would leave one "just in case"

-1 Overconfidence - if Yoda goes, it goes - and it is good but not awsome as Easy Pickings

-1 Force Misdirection - as explained

+2 Friends in Low Places - it would be great to pick those Easy Pickings, Hit and Run, Partnership, that "cheeted actions" and for OTK (there were 2 during the day, luckly didn't fight against them)

Maybe +1 Canto Bight Pistol - there is a free space to try some other upgrades, it would be best to pick one that cost 2, maybe Force Training Other cards to think about: Entangle, Well-Connected, Impulsive ...

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