Regional Bilbao 2018. Winner (Swiss 6-0) (David N.)

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iambenito 58

Regional Bilbao 2018. Winner

Swiss: 6-0

Author: David N.

2 commentaires

TheWhiteCitadel 1

I've seen a couple of these builds with a Force Wave.... in a 2v2 character match-up, don't you end up dealing one of your own characters 1 damage with that special? Do you tend to only play force wave on Yoda if he has Lone Operative? Does that 1 damage not really matter (I'm guessing)? Just curious...

iambenito 58

@TheWhiteCitadel I'm not the main user of this build as I'm just the organizer of the tournament but as far as I see, Force Wave damage is redirected to the character with a shield generated by Yoda or, as you say, if Lone Operative is there. By the end of the match the owner usually replace it with another upgrade if the rival has only one character in play.