eKylo/eTalzin Calgary Regional Winner

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Asabiru 141

I took this deck to my first ever regionals (I've only been playing Destiny since EaW), and I was shocked how well I did. The major key to the deck was if I didn't get a Sith Holocron in my hand turn 1 or 2 I lost. If I did, and had a Force Throw or Force Push, I won. I was mulliganing everything if I didn't get the Holocron, and I never used Rise Again all day.

I went 4-1 in the Swiss coming in 4th. In the top four I went 2-1 in both of my matches.

Fun games, thanks to everyone I played.

Game 1: Obiwan/Maz (win) Game 2: Phasma/Boba Fett (win, a very tight match) Game 3: I'm drawing a complete blank (win) Game 4: Rose/eAayla/Ezra vehicles (loss) Game 5: Zeb/Yoda (win)

Top 4: Game 1: Rose/eAayla/Ezra vehicles (same guy as round 4, win 2-1 aggregate) Game 2: Quigon/Kanan (win 2-1 aggregate)

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Taurenrider 144

Consider force focus, it's a staple in my Kylo/Talzin deck. Wish I could have made it down to Calgary today, sounds like it was a good time.

Asabiru 141

@Taurenrider I considered it, but the issue I have with it is that it’s an even number. Throughout the day I hit the holocron with either Talizin's ability or the Witch Magic and I felt let down when I did. (Happened 3 or 4 times over 11 matches) My favourite thing about this deck is knowing I will “always” get that odd number. The 3 heal from Witch Magic was clutch in many games.

I will definitely swap the Battlefield for Ewok Village, and probably drop Maul's Sabre for something else. Maybe a Force Wave.

Taurenrider 144

I get the whole wanting your entire deck to be even. I have a total of 4 even cards in my deck (2 holocrons and 2 force focus) both of which I am looking for in my opening hand. With a force focus showing special (which it basically always does cuz Talzin) and a force push your opponent straight up can't roll in without getting dice chucked back in their face unless they blow their mitigation on the special.

cman811 7

I tried a similar deck and found the holocron thing to be pretty annoying. One thing I did to combat against it was I included Chance Cube. With Talzin's ability you can pretty consistently get the 3 side, that helped play the abilities I had in the deck without the aid of the Holocron. It also can allow you to get those extra resources for Rise Again if you need it (although i've never used it in my games either.)