Obi-Wan/Maz-Top 8 (6th)South Florida PPG Regionals

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JediOutcast316 27

This was the deck is decided to use at the regional I went to on Feb. 10th hosted by Pro-Play Games down in Miami, Fl. Went 5-2 and did very well against a variety of decks.

Tournament Breakdown

Round 1- Mono Red Vehicles/EPoe2/Rookie Pilot/Rose(Win) Played a friend of mine from my locals, good player and a pretty good deck just he didn't roll too well and I ramped to my upgrades faster.

Round 2- EBoba Fett/EPhasma2(Win) One of the match-ups I had practiced against. Boba's special could smack Obi-Wan and Maz right in the face, but being able to get upgrades and shields quick and being able to take down Boba round 2 was a must. Phasma took a bit but a well placed riposte sealed the game

Round 3 - ETarkin/EMother Talzin(Win) Great match-up against a deck I wasn't expecting to see. Went after Tarkin first, but after he played force illusion I switched to Talzin and killed her beginning round 2. He had alot of removal but my shields saved me from Tarkin's indirect and a roll out of Obi-Wan for 10 damage sealed the game.

Round 4 - ESabine/EEzra (Loss) Played the eventual winner of the regional. Things were looking up until all of Obi's dice kept getting midigated and Never Tell Me The odds/Running Interference play gave me my first loss of the day.

Round 5- EAayla/ERose/Ezra (Loss) This one was tough because he ramped his vehicles faster than I could get weapons. Killed Aayla round 2 and got Rose, but Ezra held out long enough for enough indirect to eat through my shields and kill me unfortunately.

Round 6-ESabine/EEzra (Win) This round was ridiculous. Came down to Maz and Ezra each with 3 damage. Maz with a shoto and rey saber and Ezra with sniper and holdout. Focused with Maz die to the 1 damage on Shoto while he did the Odds/Interference play not letting me play cards. Luckily he had to turn a die to a resource for Sniper which allowed me to do the one damage then riposte the next turn.

Round 7 EZeb/ERey 1 (Win) Quick game in terms of rounds as this was another friend of mine from my locals. Went through 2 force illusion and 2 second chances to kill Zeb and mitigated Rey until I could kill her.

Top 8- 5 die Vehicles(Similar to my round 5, loss) Played another 5 die vehicles in the top 8. Best 2 out of 3 which he got. Sat there as he ramped vehicles after he mitigated my dice, leaving me to pass continuously and him doing alot of damage to me.

Overall got 6th place and did pretty well for the regional. Had a great time and even got to do a profile for Knights of Ren which was fun. Obi-Wan/Maz os very good and can be a top contender for the meta.

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