NJ Boonton Regional Top 8 6-1 in swiss

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Manten 157

Deck was made to crush HondoX and Vehicles. It just wants to mulligan for weapons and friends in low places. Keep He doesn't like you and if you have the first two then price of failure.

Price of failure was amazing. Almost always used on turn 2 to finish off the game or guarantee the win. Sometimes I would use it on turn 1 to spike off a 10 health character. It is the mvp of the deck.

Mother should hit around 60% of the time. I found this to be completely accurate until my top 8 match where I only hit 3/12 times.

Feel free to ask questions.

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Daigoro 1

lots of even numbered cards in the deck, doesn't seem like it would feel super consistent with Mothers ability. after the top 8 game are you considering changing the ratio at all?

who did you ready when using Price of Failure?

Manten 157

@Daigoro It's a 16/14 split. When you mulligan you should get 3-4 Non-Odd cards in your hand. That makes it a 14/11 split or 58-60% chance of hitting on mother. The non-odd cards in the deck most be there with maybe the exception of truce. Truce was to help with burst or hondo. If I changed the split at all it was be going further from mothers ability by adding jetpack or other good upgrades.

Most of the time I would ready bala, however if I knew Talzan was going to hit then sometimes it was worth reading Talzan if I only needed the 2 damage because killing would ready bala anyways.

chazz 28

I'd like to include The Best Defence and maybe a couple of E-11s for more redeploy weapons. Any other great guns you were thinking of including?

triplenine 8

What is the lead up and your preferred dice pool criteria to pull the trigger on The Price of Failure?

Manten 157

@triplenine Its three main questions.

  1. Can I kill someone? If yes then use PoF because it will get you two activations not just one. One for the card then one from bala.
  2. Will this character get value next turn? If mother/bala is at 1 health and my opponent gets to roll out first then no my character will die before I get value so PoF them and move then upgrades to the person you are readying.
  3. Am I too far behind? This one is harder but sometimes you are so far behind you need to get in more damage now, so you have to just risk it.

Fresck 193

I see in your list you're only playing 2 red cards. Isn't Greedo's die better than trooper's die? Plus, Greedo's ability would also trigger on Price of Failure? Or is the DH too much value to not have access to red?

Really impressed by the power of the PoF tech to double ready in one turn, waw, almost a complete turn again in one! :O

Manten 157

@Fresck DH-17 is the best upgrade in the deck. If I could run 6 of them I would.

TheHyperloops 3018

Congrats on the finish and sorry with the luck. We were looking for another rainbow 5 to put in out gauntlet page- we'll link back to this page. I'll update it today unless you object, Cheers!

Daigoro 1

finally played this deck. did great against a Hera vehicles deck. in 4 turns i didnt hit Mothers ability once though. that didnt feel great.

still awesome deck. looking forward to testing it out some more. thanks for posting it up.

Epimer 1

Thanks for the list, it carried me to Top 4 at the London Regionals this weekend. 4-2 in Swiss, losing to Kylo/Talzin (I drew no weapons until round three) and eAayla/ePoe (by one action!). Wins against two Sabine/Ezra, a Boba/Seventh Sister and another Kylo/Talzin in the Swiss, and eAayla/Padawan/Padawan in the cut. Finally lost 2-1 in the semis to the same Kylo/Talzin I lost to in the Swiss.

I was hoping to play more Hero Vehicles or Mill, but it still did fine against some of the two character lists out there.