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Revolts 2

The idea for this deck its simple! give power support to Maz and smash your opponent with Zeb.

Maz help's with Chance Cube, Maz's Goggles and Fast Hands, Second Chance is good to gain more time.

Zeb's combo its easy, play Quick Draw with any weapon with ambush and boom! Sometimes the dices does not help, but this is normal in this game..

Infamous for acelerate the game and Millennium Falcon can be traded for another card, but I liked it when "she" joined the game.

Easy Pickings, Loth-Cat and Mouse and Sound The Alarm helps with mitigate, Never Tell Me The Odds its a finisher.

Truce and Smuggler's Run to help when resource is missing.

I am an enthusiast and not a professional in the game. I do not speak and write English very well, but I hope you have understood and enjoy this fun deck!


by Thiago Revolts

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