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This is the list that NJCuenca won the CT regional with on March 10th and is currently playing in the top 8 of the TTS Season 5 tournament. It's featured on The Hyperloops article on exploring Hero Vehicles for Worlds. You can check that out here: https://www.thehyperloops.com/18wc2/

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corvettejoe 45

From the April 18th Hyperloops article, you mentioned wanting Fang instead of Bomber. It seemed that you liked bomber from your tone, but used fang instead for late game needs.

Run one of each instead.

I use bomber's 6 side to add to the confusion of what I'm about to do. Just let it sit there as any side. Once your opponent claims, use anything (Aayla, R2D2, republic cruiser, etc) to refocus it to the 6 indirect. Then discard 3CPO's die, pay the 2 cost and deal 6 direct damage to whomever.

Or keep it as indirect. Use 3CPO on another die instead, and pick away at the opponents characters with the little 1's and 2's damage you have showing, then dump the bomber's 6 indirect as a finisher for multiple characters at once.

I usually save Aayla Special, Cruiser's refocus or R2D2's special for switching to Bomber's 6 indirect side, then 3CPO to turn it into direct damage.

Since you can almost always get some kind of refocus, and with bomber sitting there, it is really hard for the opponent to predict what you're going to do in order to mitigate. Their biggest threat is whatever big gun is on the table or one of the character's specials, so they use those first... not typically C3PO or a bad bomber roll, even a bad HWK roll (for that 4 pay side). Then again, let them claim, do the quick refocus to a big side, 3CPO it, pay it, boom, someone's gonna die each round.

Thanks for the great articles. I enjoy reading all of the high level strategy you all put into your articles.