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ajscherer 54

I'm playing this deck exclusively in preparation for Solo. It's surprisingly competitive but has a tough matchup against some decks (e.g. Hero Vehicles) and Han can be easy to kill. You often find yourself with plenty of resources in this deck, and there are a lot of fun plays, especially once Infamous comes out.

Cards I would consider removing (although I like them all): Millennium Falcon, Friends in Low Places, Sound The Alarm, Smuggler's Run

Cards I wish I could include: Impulsive, Hidden Blaster, Hyperspace Jump, Hasty Exit, Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder, Rebel. Or more likely just add another Negotiate or Electroshock.

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delkman 7

Awesome Deck! I would definitely add X2 Scruffy because the hero vehicle is so popular right now and that gives you a chance to remove a potentially painful support. Not sure what to replace tho, its really tough once you build something to remove them :)

Ramin2-D2 418

take out Jetpack to include other weapons.

clonea32 2

I have a similar deck if you wanna check it out. I have similar problems with this deck, namely crazy Afro decks a vehicle decks. It’s called “The Savvy lords of Sabacc“.

ajscherer 54

@Ramin-2D2 I'm actually quite happy with Jetpack in this deck. It's better than the same cost alternatives for NTMTO, Planned Explosion, and defensive sides. The downsides are lack of black sides and lack of ambush, which can be compensated for using Han's ability (allows him to hit his 2 black ranged sides as consistently as a character with 3 of them) and ambush respectively.

If I were going to replace it with a weapon I'd do Hidden Blaster, but I'd be more inclined to replace an event or the Bowcaster.

delkman 7

I wouldn't remove the Falcon, its basically ambush for a character. I know it's high cost but also high damage and the ability is amazing. Plus its Han you have to have the Falcon lol. Maybe Friends in low places and 1 quickdraw for Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder? I know you cant build around beating one decks playstyle but scruffy can be used against any deck to potentially remove upgrades from aggro or mitigation cards from control decks. Just a thought. Anyway hope that helps. Still love your deck!

artyzipp 1

Oh man this looks fun. Infamous to NTMTO into Planned explosion looks fun

ajscherer 54

@delkman I love the Falcon 2, I just don't usually get an opportunity to play it with this deck. To really see it shine you want it in a deck with Partnership, so you can activate two characters, the Falcon, and pay 1 for an additional action. But this isn't really a vehicle deck so I can't justify all that. For now it's staying in though.

Hyperspace Jump would be the most effective way to counter vehicles. It's just one of those cards I don't like seeing in my hand, even though I fully understand how good it is.

Buffybot 211

I love this deck, for the Solo theme, and also because it uses several cards I have and want to use but haven't found a home for yet. This is how it's done! I'm curious, how often are you getting off a Planned Explosion and how important is it to the deck's success?

ajscherer 54

@Buffybot I can't quantify exactly how often I actually play Planned, but it is often enough that I would never remove it from the deck. Planned Explosion allows you to turn Lando's discard and resource sides into damage, which is nice, and if/when Han dies it becomes crucial.

As important as Planned is, getting it off isn't required for a win. Plan A is to load up Han and do ranged damage.

truth123 305

looks solid. have you tested this at a tournament yet?

ajscherer 54

@truth123 No. The last tournament in my area was pre-Legacies. I had intended to try it in the TTS tournament that was cancelled. If I were going to play it in a tournament, I would practice with a version that had Hyperspace Jump.

artyzipp 1

I am looking forward to trying this deck out later this week.

Chrysologus 20

Why do you use Docking Bay? Just to play Infamous and Millennium Falcon cheaper?

ajscherer 54

@Chrysologus Yes. It saves me a resource and an action on getting Infamous out, and allows the possibility of using it for a reroll and playing it from the discard. I'm also not that scared of opponents claiming it. I might just take the shields (on Han) depending on matchup, opponent battlefield, and how slow my opening hand looks.

Prior to the Running Interference nerf it was much more useful.