Solo/Finn Trilogy

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truth123 305

Great dice paired with great cards.

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SeventhSonGames1380 67

This is a good deck however, there are better cards that you can use, which will make this deck more effective. See what you think of these suggestions.

Instead of Dry Fields - Atollon, have Main Plaza - Vashka. It works much better with Finn's ability.

Ditch 2x Canto Bight Pistol and replace with 2x Hidden Blaster. More consistency with damage.

Replace 2x Auto Cannon with 2x IQA-11 Blaster Rifle. No resource cost sides, and pairs with both characters equally well.

Replace 2x Hunting Rifle with 2x DH-17 Blaster Pistol, or 2x Overkill. Again, provides more consistent damage.

Replace 1x Zeb Orrelios' Bo-Rifle with 1x X-8 Night Sniper. It has Ambush, costs 1 less and you can only play 1 of each unique upgrade anyway.

Replace 2x Bubble Shield with 1x Drop Zone and 1x Suppression Field. Suppression field covers more damage options, and Drop Zone synergises with Finn very well.

Replace 2x Dangerous Maneuver with 2x Field Medic. Costs 1 more resource, but provides better healing capabilities.

Replace 1x Locked and Loaded with 1x Fortuitous Strike. Fortuitous strike is AMAZING in this deck, especially as it means you can do up to 4 damage without the need for upgrades, and you get to reroll as many dice as you want.

Replace 1x Quick Draw with Hit and Run. Hit and Run is better than Quick Draw in most cases, since Quick Draw requires Ambush weapons to work at peak efficiency (Another reason to have Hidden Blaster and X-8 Night Sniper in this deck.

Finally, I'd choose Truce over Well-Connected as it means your opponent is not going to draw into potential mitigation and gives you ambush as well.

Hope this is helpful!

I posted a similar deck to this, played them against each other, and found that this deck, as it is, is hugely resource dependent, and I constantly ran out of resources whereas my version of this deck managed to build up lots of resources as I rarely had to pay to deal damage.

Daaneskjold 9

A lot of the cards you suggest are not trilogies, so they don't make this deck