eLuke/eHondo Tough Choices, BIG Results

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behindthedice 585

What's cool about Hondo Ohnaka - Respected Businessman is that he can almost go with anybody and STILL be such a pain for your opponent! In this build, I am pairing him with Luke Skywalker - Unlikely Hero who is a very solid character, mainly because of his power action. What is awesome about this deck is that resources never seem to be a problem! More times than not, your opponent will give you a resource rather than taking the three damage. Cards like Cunning and Emperor's Throne Room - Death Star II will help you get that special going. Next thing you know, you are swimming in resources and can get the more expensive upgrades and Millennium Falcon out with ease! Also, don't forget R2-D2 ability! Now we're talking heavy damage. Plus these resources help you do Luke's power action much more often! The biggest question is how consistent will this deck be and will your damage output be enough? Every time I have played with or against this build, it has dealt heavy damage and was very consistent. I would love to get some feedback!

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