M.A.Z.E. - LGS Winner [7-1]

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vlac 150

Enough time has passed for Baze to become forgotten. Meanwhile, new events appeared suiting his needs perfectly.

Typical combos:

A perfect 1st turn would look like (which happened only once for me):

Sometimes it's better to survive the first round with less damage taken and putting as much upgrades as possible.

Cards to consider: "Fair" Trade, Hasty Exit, Hyperspace Jump, Running Interference, Maz's Vault, Planetary Uprising, Quick Escape, Otoh Gunga - Naboo

Lost against hero vehicles because I was super greedy.

OTK => Retreat

Obi/Maz => You are faster, use it

X/Hondo => Try to save resources for removal or payment (use DH-17 Blaster Pistol or Light 'Em Up)

6 commentaires

FireandCheese 7

i like the list! no overkill?

Dave Sharona 606


vlac 150

@FireandCheese Thank you. Unfortunately it didn't make the list. We need to be sure to draw an ambush weapon with Quick Draw and have as few modifiers as possible. But definitely a consideration.

noob3_flowers 1

Overkill for Light 'em up double resolve?

truth123 305

i believe playing overkill on baze then playing light em up for a play afterward is better due to the 4 different ranged sides that overkill has and baze has 3 sides as well.

vlac 150

@truth123 Some things to think about:

Not compatibile with Quick Draw. Good with Hit and Run, but what if you don't get it? Gets rekt by [Doubt] (/card/02080) and Hidden Motive. Paying 2 for it, and 1 for Light 'Em Up will leave you no resources to pay for Baze's 3's or removal. It also fuels opponent's Feel Your Anger. Don't get me wrong. I really like Overkill.