#RoadtoWorlds2019 eBoba/ePhasma Behind the Dice

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behindthedice 588


  1. eKallus/eTalzin opponent battlefield- WIN
  2. eHondo/eLuke my battlefield- WIN
  3. eVader/eKylo (Emo Kidz) opponent battlefield- WIN
  4. eQuiGon/eYoda opponent battlefield- WIN
  5. eKallus/eTalzin opponent battlefield- LOSS
  6. eHondo/eLuke my battlefield- WIN


  1. eAayla/eRose/Ezra opponent battlefield- LOSS
  2. eYoda/eRieekan my battlefield- WIN
  3. eThrawn/eLobot opponent battlefield- LOSS

Love this deck. It is very fast and can deal heavy damage. Boba's special really is a game changer. It can struggle against vehicle decks because of its speed, but mitigation and ambush plays make this deck a pain for an opponent.

2 commentaires

Hessian Sack 1335

See you there!

Icezox 7

Very interesting. But I think that sometimes it can be very dependent on the rolls when you Don't have your batlefield. I would put some finisher like We Have Them Now with Tactical Mastery it can be very powerfull To finish or Scorched Earth when you already killed one character or two for the three wides (or course against a vehicul it isn't as powerfull because he has time To resolve the dice one by one)