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Funkadelik Jedi 40

Some great cards this deck has access to, and Zeb's a monster. I would play things like dark saber and X-8 night sniper but don't have them.. Borrowing and taking a few ideas from different decks. Trying to keep ahead of the game while at the same time having some strong cards. Haven't play tested it yet but intend to soon. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated

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Razelll 244

I would suggest Chance Cube to help get you resources for all your weapons.

SW_Nerd 20

What would you change for dark saber and the sniper?

Funkadelik Jedi 40

I've since put chance cube back in, as well as 2x sound the alarm, taking out an overconfidence, beguile, and second chance. I think ideally I'd put in 1x dark saber and 1x sniper if I had them, but sniper isn't worth investing in right now - dark saber is though. So I think I'd put in dark saber and take out 1x force illusion likely, but am open to suggestions