Good Games Morley (Perth, Australia) Trilogy Regional Winner

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Gongaii Games 3/13/2019 - Trilogies Mill 0 0 0 1.0

aaronchpmn 46

I tested and tweaked this deck with Bouncewithout prior to our trilogy regional.

Coming into trilogy we knew we were going to be experiencing a different meta to standard, that wasn't quite solved yet. Lots of decks lose their efficiency in trilogy but lots still have some great pieces to play with. We settled on 3 wide mill being one of our strongest contenders in our expected meta.

This deck plays much like it's standard counterpart, it's a game of attrition, you need to use your 27 health and as much shields and removal that you can muster to survive out the clock knowing that Anakin Skywalker's Podracer, Cassian Andor - Rebellion Operative & Yoda - Wizened Master are going to do the heavy milling for you. Force Meditation is also a super helpful card when you can't find the Podracer.

In our mulligan we are looking for the podracer and will put back almost anything in order to find it, the only card you would keep that wasn't the podracer or Start Your Engines! is Force Mediation as it's another fantastic opener, just not quite as good as the podracer, 2 Shields and hand disruption, it forms a huge part of our game plan.

The mitigation is self explanatory, use it to avoid the biggest damage you see, you are going to take damage however Trilogy is a much fairer format with a lot less action cheating so you have much more time to remove troublesome dice.

2 more key cards to our plan is Flames of the Past & Vandalize, we use these cards to remove the biggest threats our opponents place on the board, you need to keep a constant eye on the cards that you are milling and keep checking their discard to see an opportunity to remove a big threat. Cards we would especially look to remove from the board were Vader's Fist (Only with Flames), Darth Vader's Lightsaber, Triple Laser Turret, any fat vehicle such as Shadow Caster, 0-0-0 & opponents podracer in the mirror. By being able to deal with these threats we greatly hamper the opponents game plans whilst advancing ours further.

I went 4-1 in Swiss and the results were as follows:

Round 1: Win Qui-Gon Jinn - Defiant Jedi Master / Barriss Offee - Studious Padawan - A returning player to the game adapting to the trilogy format, our wide range of removal was too strong for this deck.

Round 2: Win Poe Dameron - More Than A Pilot / Aayla Secura - Jedi General - This game was against one of my testing partners Stranglebat, we had a tight game and in the last round I had to carefully leave damage on the board but remove focus just to keep him out of reach from killing Yoda, he needed a 1 in 3 on his final re-roll before I won. Great game.

Round 3: Win Snoke - Supreme Leader / Doctor Aphra - Artifact Hunter / Battle Droid - This was a game on stream against a fantastic player who made Top 8 with this deck in standard pre-nerf at the Australian nationals. Unfortunately for him in this game I managed to mill all his key pieces so his engine could never get going

Round 4: Loss Snoke - Supreme Leader / Doctor Aphra - Artifact Hunter / Battle Droid - This game was against my main testing partner Bouncewithout, he helped settle on the final 30 for this deck so knew it like the back of his hand. In the early to mid game I was out in front but eventually he got his engine down and the indirect damage became too much for me. Very close game though.

Round 5: Win Doctor Aphra - Artifact Hunter / Super Battle Droid / Greedo - Unlucky Mercenary - Again another game where the engine wasn't able to get online, Neil played great but when Aphra can't get her engine going the game is always against her.

Top 8: Win 2-0 Darth Vader - Terror To Behold / Greedo - Unlucky Mercenary - With so much removal in the deck including some free removal to force the Vader power action followed by bigger removal I was able to deal with Vader's damage output throughout the game, Darth Vader's Meditation Chamber did start to cause me some panic in game 2, but I was able to survive until it was the last card available and show discard & yoda special to force the win.

Top 4: Win 2-1 Count Dooku - Darth Tyranus / Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch - This was another feature game on stream against Perth Jawa Rob, In game 2 I did make a miscalculation on damage and scooped early to move on to game 3, after 8 games of Destiny over a long day fatigue was starting to settle in and mistake were starting to happen, however in game 3 I made up for it with a Clandestine Operation on 2 Yoda specials & a force meditation special followed by a Strength Through Weakness to remove 11 cards off the top of the deck and push the game beyond Rob.

Final: Win 2-1 Doctor Aphra - Artifact Hunter / Super Battle Droid / Greedo - Unlucky Mercenary - Back against Neil in the final, in the first game I managed to stop the engine from hitting the board and continued to take shields to soak up the indirect. In game 2 in the final round I made some sequencing errors and missed out on a flank and Into The Garbage Chute with would have let me stop the indirect from overwhelming me. They were great games though and I congratulate Neil on making it to the final.

This was my first big tournament win so was stoked to finally get there, I have to give a great big shoutout to Blake (Bouncewithout) for all the advice & testing, Des (Stranglebat) & Paul (Steret) for their testing. All the Destiny Downunder team, Des and Dan for hosting a great regionals & Mark "Big E" as he likes to be called for getting me into the game, to my very first event during Awakenings & all the testing since and The Hyperloops for being a fantastic knowledge base and really helping me elevate my game.

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David Cole 9

What was the rationale behind Theed over a more mill focused battlefield?

aaronchpmn 46

@dac2431 being trilogy our choices of battlefield are very limited. Occupied City - Lothal was an option that we tried during testing but found that it was being used against us too well in mirror matches.

Theed Royal Palace - Naboo ended up being our choice, if any opponent allows us to take our battlefield (our expected roll in is quite low so we often don't get to choose) we can play the podracer and mitigate ramp/damage keeping ourself head, an extra resource during round 1 is massive.

stranglebat 832

Congrats on getting there, next stop worlds!

helikaon 34

How necessary did you find Scrap Heap to be? I didn't even consider it building my version because of Yoda and Anakin. I thought about slotting in a Dex's Diner instead. Thanks for any feedback!

aaronchpmn 46

@helikaon I found Scrap Heap super useful, it can be a little awkward round 1, unless you play on your battlefield, but it does mean that you will be able to play 2 pieces of mitigation easily as the game develops. I had Dex's Diner in the deck initially as a 1 of, but found it a little too slow and I was able to shield up enough with the podracer and yoda.