6-1: 43 player CO Regional 1st place after Swiss

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Dizstroy 80

Second year in a row placing first after swiss! Pretty excited since I had not played Destiny for 3-4 months prior to the Regional. I knew that Darth Vader - Terror To Behold was going to be prevalent and figured mill would be as well. Since I did not have too much time to prep for the event I went with a deck that I felt was the most consistent. I was shocked by the lack of vehicles on the day (I was the only Beckett/Ciena).

Round 1: Bye SC Round 2: Han Solo - Savvy Smuggler / Yoda - Wizened Master Double Down (Win 2-0) This was probably my closest match all day. Round 1 she had the opportunity to pitch second chance to try and kill Ciena but decided against it. Big mistake in my opinion since I was able to activate Firespray-31 and reset with Ciena's power action. Overall, I was just faster this game.

Round 3: Leia Organa - Boushh / Yoda - Wizened Master (Win 3-0) My strategy for this game was basically not to get behind. To my knowledge, the deck doesn't have much burst besides Yoda into Boushh special. I think my opponent was a bit surprised that I was taking the damage and not paying him since every time he resolved specials he was reaching for his resources. Keeping him resource starved really jammed his hand with expensive cards and I was able to get 2 resets off of Ciena.

Round 4: Darth Vader - Terror To Behold / Greedo - Unlucky Mercenary (Win 4-0) In my limited testing, I found that the dice roll off for battlefield was huge in this matchup. If I'm able to go first and drop Firespray-31 + any mod, it puts the Vader player in reactive mode. Unfortunately I lost the roll off but was still able to get off a turn 1 Firespray-31 even though my opponent played Abandon All Hope. The 4 indirect for 1 was huge in this game. By far my favorite play of the day - I had to opportunity to play Paid Off on Vader's 2 side but decided to hold off. Eventually I was able to get Vader to 11 health and hold 3 resources. My opponent rolls out Vader's 4 for 1 side and I pay him off to kill.

Round 5: Jyn Erso - Daring Infiltrator / Cassian Andor - Rebellion Operative (Win 5-0) Not much to say about this match. I believe he was in the mill form of this deck but just couldn't keep up with my continuous pressure. I was able to get down both Arc Caster and Triple Laser Turret and just go to town.

Round 6: Qui-Gon Jinn - Defiant Jedi Master / Yoda - Wizened Master Solidarity (Win 6-0) Qui-Gon is interesting because he really is not threatening without shields. I knew that with multiple indirect damage and backup muscles, that I should be able to keep shields off and that's exactly what I did. He took down Ciena early but I was still able to get off a reset on turn 2 which was all that I needed.

Round 7: Darth Vader - Terror To Behold / Bazine Netal - Master Manipulator (Loss 6-1) I knew I was in top 8 but decided to play it out. He did typical Vader stuff turn 1 like the skillful 7 melee damage into Friends in High Places that hit Vader's Fist. I just scooped right there because there's no coming back after that.

Top 8: DROP. Yes unfortunately I had to drop out of the tournament as I had a black tie event that night. All in all, a fun day of Destiny! As for card choices, pretty standard stuff although I hardly played any cards most of the day because I was using them to pitch for damage/resources to get resets off. Definitely a fun deck and really consistent.

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