Grand Junction Prime Winner - Reylo

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DeepOneRising 39

•••2 Bodyguard = 2 Crossguard Lightsaber••• •••2 Block = 2 Forsaken•••

First off, I cannot overstate the silliness of not being able to publish a Reylo deck on here due to "forbidden cards." We have cars that parallel park themselves, devices that have facial recognition, and have sent Matthew McConaughey through a wormhole in space, but we can't publish a deck with both hero and villain cards? If I were a smarter person, I'd do something about it! So in looking at the deck, know that the 2 Bodyguard are actually 2 Crossguard Lightsabers and the 2 Block are actually 2 Forsaken. Second, after going 2-4 at a Regional last year and finishing 28th out of 34, and having an overall record of 8-20 at a GQ this last summer, doing this well was all very shocking. I'm sure winning is more indicative of Reylo being in a good spot as opposed to anything I did. I just didn't get in the way of letting Reylo do its thing (Its thing? Their thing? Grammar Nazis help me!). While driving to the event and knowing there was a 64 person limit for this Prime, I said to my friend, "I just want to make top 32 so I can get the Reylo cards and a Temporary Truce. So after arriving and starting with 15 participants, I was happy and ready to brag to the world about my top 16 finish and commence drooling over the plastic Reylo cards! So with those musings out of the way, on to the event!

Here's the deck I played in winning the 15 person Prime at Board Fox Games in Grand Junction. I'm not sure any sort of commentary from me is necessary on the deck since I think it's a pretty standard Reylo deck with nothing either special or different about it, but since people might ask, here are some observations: Soresu Training was not as good as I was hoping. I swapped it and Niman Training in last minute for Knighthood and Jedi Lightsaber, and I might try and swap those back in. Niman Training on the other hand was fantastic! I never saw R2 until the top 4 match and I missed him! I might consider a second of him so I can get him more often and hopefully earlier! I considered cutting Conflicted before, but ended up keeping it because I didn't know what I would have traded it for. I was very glad I kept it in! I'm not sure It Binds All Things was that important to the deck and would consider getting rid of it. But overall I'm very happy with the deck choices.

Now, as my wife can attest, I have a very poor memory, so I will do my best to share what I can from my match ups. I'm sorry to the great people there whose names I cannot remember and that I can only identify by your deck played. If you see this, feel free to share your perspective of the matches and please correct my poor memory!

Round 1: W - Aphra/Grievous3/Sentinel Messenger - He got his BT-1 down pretty late, I was able to get Grievous off the board pretty quick, and my shields really just soaked up his indirect damage. I also feel like the rolls were really with me this game.

Round 2: W - Reylo - I was expecting some mirror matches and this was my only one. It felt like a race to see who killed the other's Kylo first and that happened to be me. After I killed him, I had a great roll in with Rey to get her Rey down to half health and was able to kind of coast to the end.

Round 3: W - Palpatine/Watto - This was the other deck I considered bringing, so I was a bit scared. I got lucky in that he just didn't get any of this upgrades down. I think it was round 3 and he still only had 3 upgrades on Palpatine. He moved some damage around, did a small Bacta, and controlled a bit, but I was able to kill off Palpatine with so few upgrades out on him with little damage done to me.

Round 4: W - eSatine/R2-D2/C-3P0/Fateful Companions - I think overall this was my closest game of the day. I also think I got really lucky in rolling well and him not rolling very well. When he pitched an Entourage to re-roll in round one, I felt pretty good, but when he played Easy Pickings on my two Kylo dice one round, I felt pretty not good. It was a really good back and forth game, I killed R2, he killed Kylo, I killed Satine, and his unblockable damage with his Electro Sword was the bane of Rey's existence. I finally killed his C-3P0 with one damage and 2 shields left on Rey, but that was after the scare of his Chewbacca's Blaster overwrite and roll in, which actually ended up taking a shield off C-3P0 for me to kill him.

Round 5: W - Thrawn/Sentinel Messenger/Armored Reinforcement - This guy was a really sharp player! And he always had a smile on his face like he knew something you didn't, which had me quite nervous throughout. Between Counter Intelligence and Thrawn's activate ability and power action, I think he knew what was in my hand the entire game. Again, I think this speaks to the power of Reylo that despite knowing what was in my hand most the game, he wasn't able to disrupt my playing too much. His Separatist Embargo first round on Niman Mastery was not awesome! He used Thrawn's power action to great effect! But after I overheard someone complaining about his Dark Ritual on Thrawn in a previous match, I went for Sentinel Messenger first and he used Dark Ritual on him twice. Combined with the Separatist Embargo and his AR for Count Dooku's Solar Sailer for card draw, shields, or resources, this made for a long game, but ultimately I don't think he had enough dice to contend since all his big supports were at the bottom of his deck.

End of Swiss rounds: 5-0 and the #1 seed!

Top 4 Match: W (2-0) - eTalzin/Phasma2/Mandalorian Super Commando - For the life of me I cannot remember the order, but one of the games was super close, the other was not so close. Rey's power action on his character dice was a life saver! This is another one where I think I benefited from good rolls on my part, and not so good rolls on his part. I know in game 1 I started going after the Mandalorian, but then switched to Phasma after a Best Defense and feeling I could get her down pretty fast, which I did. Game 2 I started going after Phasma first. If I remember correctly, one game he killed Kylo and Rey was able to finish it, the other game both Rey and Kylo survived.

Championship Match: W (2-1) - Palpatine/Watto - A rematch of my round 3 game and I was not feeling great about it because I think I got lucky when we played earlier. Game 1 started very similar to our first time playing. He wasn't able to get a whole lot of upgrades out very fast at first, so I was able to put a bit of damage on Palpatine. Then the upgrades and Bactas started coming, but I think it was too little, too late; win. Game 2 was an absolute drain. Upgrades, upgrades, and more upgrades! Bactas, bactas, and more bactas! I would get close, within a damage or two, then he'd play Bacta or another upgrade and be just out of reach. I remember one time putting him at one damage away and the Steadfast in my hand to finish it, then Bacta! Huge Fatal blow on Kylo. Another fatal blow on Rey; lost. First loss of the day. Game 3 was very much like our very first game in Swiss, just no upgrades for him. I think he had three upgrades on Palpatine and I was able to get him to 11 damage then Polarity for the ping and Kylo power action for the kill; win.

Overall I feel like the deck did what Reylo is supposed to do. I know my sequencing was off at times, but I'm pretty happy with my overall decision making and I think I was quite fortunate in my rolling. Coming from a two person meta where it's just me and a friend who play on my kitchen table, it was fun to play against both other people and other decks, playing against some of these decks for the first time ever. I could not have asked for a more welcoming and enjoyable group of people to us out-of-towners! Zack who made the carbonite Han deck box, you are amazing and the box is fantastic! And a special thanks to Board Fox Games in Grand Junction for hosting a great event! I'll be sipping some chocolate milk out of my Boba-Fox cup today!

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you can't play Block in this deck

helikaon 34

@ORTIZ maybe read a little

DeepOneRising 39

@ORTIZ You also can’t play Bodyguard in this deck, but no one noticed and they were really vital to my success, so I put them in anyways! Don’t tell anyone!

Actually, they’re just placeholders for Crossguard Lightsaber and Forsaken, which were the cards that were really in my deck. You are unable to publish the deck on here with those cards in, which I mentioned in my write up. I’ll make a more obvious note at the beginning to avoid confusion.

Ozmodon 1

It was a good day and a good time. I didn't get the chance to play against you. I was happy with finishing 7th with a deck I literally built the day before. The amount of swag you left with was staggering. Glad you made the trip to join us.

MaimVoorhees 99

@DeepOneRising what edits would you make to your deck if you had to do it all over again?

tiforever495 1

Congrats to the winner who has a local meta with a whopping 2 people! That was a great game with the droids, I'm looking forward to having my friends watch me lose on the recorded stream :p

chrism435 1

great job `@DeepOneRising eve though we play almost every week well done.

Orffme 71

@DeepOneRising congrats! You drive out from Utah?

chrism435 1

@Orffmewe did drive over from Utah

sageleader 2

Congrats! FYI you can enable forbidden cards when you create a deck. Just click Options > Unusable Cards and it will let you pick what it considers to be illegal cards (e.g. if you chose the deck to be hero, then villain cards are illegal).

DeepOneRising 39

@Ozmodon Thank you! It was a great day and a great time! I was quite shocked by the amount of swag and very grateful for such a rewarding experience!

@MaimVoorhees I think I might drop both It Binds and the Soresu Training, picking up another R2, Knighthood, and Jedi Lightsaber. I’d also like to look at figuring out a Soresu Mastery version of the deck.

@tiforever495 I think that’s the secret. Don’t play test, only play against one person, and just hope you feel the Force flowing through you!

@Orffme Yes, drove from Price. You should’ve joined us!

@sageleader Thank you! And I’m able to build the deck and save it with forbidden cards, but when I go to publish, it won’t let me.

tabwgt 13

SWDB been updated and able to redo Deck

Drop it like it's Hutt 166

Great report on your experience. I'm wondering if Draw Closer didn't make the cut to be in your deck or why you're not running it? Likewise, why no Ataru Strike? I'm running those over Conflicted, and I'm interested in your thoughts on them.

DeepOneRising 39

@Drop it like it's Hutt Draw Closer was on my short list of cards cut, overall I just didn't like the 2 resource cost. Ataru Strike I've never had much luck using, mostly because shields go on and come off so quickly. Though with how slow you can play Reylo and Rey's dice, it might be good to be able to throw shields on, re-roll her die out, then Ataru Strike toward the end of a round if your opponent has claimed or is out of removal. Ultimately, I liked the more defensive approach that Conflicted offered because I felt pretty comfortable in the damage output potential by the rest of my deck. I was always happy taking shields from Conflicted, but when it came up, the damage re-roll was usually just an added bonus. I know it's luck, but I like the versatility of it.