Stockholm Prime Winner - 9-1

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Trooper/Hunters 1 1 0 1.0
Dengar and friends 0 0 0 1.0
Hunter Martin 0 0 0 1.0

cooldinosaurpics 70


  • Reylo - W
  • Ewoks - W
  • Bane Greedo Retribution - W
  • Kragan eGrievous BD - W
  • eJabba Wat Sentinel - W

  • Top 4: Ewoks - WLW

  • Finals: Kragan eGrievous BD - WW
5 commentaires

ScruffyLookingDiceRollers 184

Interesting deck, seems that this is the one to beat at the moment! How was the Bane matchup?

cooldinosaurpics 70

@ScruffyLookingDiceRollers No problem, as far as this particular game went.

From my personal testing Bane can just stomp any deck, but it is VERY dependant on getting either Shien Mastery or Death Field (preferably) round 1 and rolling well with them. My opponent did not get any of them.

I do not think the deck was optimaly built as there were a lot of Curse downgrades in it that I do not agree with, but disregarding that Bane is essentially a 14 HP deck. I think it's a favourable matchup for the Trandoshans, barring like 2 Death Field specials round 1 followed by a Bane special. Those games games are tough.

tearlesskingpy 46

is there a character in this that is elite ? if yes,wich one,thanks !

cooldinosaurpics 70

@tearlesskingpy Both Trandoshans are elite. Can't set them as elite for some reason.

DTokz 147

Against Bane, have you thought about adding a Law and Order? Might be difficult to get the third dollar, but nuking Bane's first upgrade can be devastating to them (even better in the single die Bane decks relying on Way of the Force).