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Zombane 445

13 commentaires

nickthebug7777 1381

Great deck man, and great run at the tourney yesterday.
Awesome to play against you!

Zombane 445

Hey man! Thanks a lot. It was a fun time. Your deck definitely came close to beating me. Luck was on my side.

jonahr 3

Didn't realize there were still official tournaments

Redentor 109

Hey Zombane - great run! Question: have you considered Delve, given that you have 6x 4-5 cost cards?


Zombane 445

@RedentorI would consider it but honestly other than turn 1 I don't struggle for money.

blogster 1006

Did you play the mill deck? if so how did it go? Since Kragan ability was ON for either character was activated :)

Dreaded King 34

What die do you use reap on?

Platform327 51

Real nice run Saturday! Terrific deck!

Zombane 445

@Dreaded King in an ideal world Shien Mastery, but really any die will do in a pinch.

General Vatutin 26

@nickthebug7777 : please for the love of god tell me it was an online tournament. If you look at the numbers the greatest number of carriers by far are 18-30 year olds.

Please people stay inside and stop being next to one another. You can transmit the disease even without symptoms. If you transmit the disease to someone and they care for someone with COPD, Diabetes, etc. the mortality rate is awful. My had only 25% of her lungs. She will die with a 100% certainty if she gets it. This is the defining moment of your lives like WWII etc. for generations. Please, please, please don’t the right thing everyone.

RebelTraitor 233

@General Vatutinit was an online tournament, run by Artificery

General Vatutin 26

@RebelTraitor Cool, Tx. Heard the hyperloops cast about that tourney. 300 buy in. How many played?

Cool beck idea.

Zombane 445

@General Vatutin I think the final count was 33? Maybe 31.