Commander DJ

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3 commentaires

futantshadow 15

I really like DJ and I see this pairing a lot. There is definitely good synergy with the extra pings from Pyre and Hasty Exit type events. I also love Order 66 with DJ, but you lose Mean Streets, which is amazing (although it's hard to win the battlefield against a lot of decks). I'm currently playing eDJ/eDeath Trooper (for the built in removal) and Order 66. I also have an eKragan/eDeath Trooper/AR that pulls Pirate Ship. I'm thinking of mixing the two and playing eDJ/eDeath Trooper/AR as that seems like a good set up.. basically just 20 or so mitigation events, a few misc cards and 2 Pirate Ships.

Skreye 26

Thought this looked like a good duo when I saw Pyre spoiled, but I never got around to testing it out. Thoughts on including Survival Instinct?

rubioporrua 7

Muy buena carta, habra que testear las diferentes posibilidades