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the_eigensheep 77


Drop as many upgrades as in the first two turns using the built in economy advantage from Padawan, and utilize Admiral Ackbar focus and chain events to burst down opponents.


  • Reliably play two upgrades from hand before activations on turn one, with three being somewhat common as well
  • Consistent damage output with no resource conditional or modified damage sides on the base character dice and Ackbar's Focus
  • Mixed damage decreases your susceptibility to massive Dodge or Block removal and can help remove those pesky Hunkered Downs
  • Massive burst potential with All In, Admiral Ackbar Focus, or It's a Trap!
  • Losing a character, while not good, is not crippling with Redeploy upgrades and Rearm; generally the deck ends up trading characters and can out pace opponents from then on


  • Mixed damage can sometimes leave mismatched dice on the board and additionally increase vulnerability to control events like Block,Dodge, or Deflect since they are always somewhat viable, if not optimal
  • Low individual HP can lead to early casualties with great rolls from enemy aggro decks
  • Color dependence can be somewhat problematic if Admiral Ackbar is lost early or if both Padawan are taken out


This deck was built and tested with with fellow user @Piadis, who forgoes Rearm in favor of a couple of extra control cards. Flavor to suit your tastes. In our opinions, mandatory cards would include the 12 upgrades, All In, Deflect,Hit and Run, It's a Trap!, Noble Sacrifice, Squad Tactics, and perhaps Willpower.


The results have been similar for both Piadis and myself thus far. Combined our record is roughly 34-4, with many games against popular decks such as Training Day, Jango/Veers, Jabba/Vader, Jabba/Dooku, Vader/Raider, etc. Most games have been on TTS, but opponent pilot quality is largely unknown so take the results with a grain of salt.


Feel free to test it out, make some changes, and report back. We'd love your input! Also, it could use a better name. :D

3 commentaires

sruman 1

Given there is not a ton of extra resources floating around in this deck (but I could be underestimating promotion), I am wondering why you went IDA-11 over F11-D. The redploy would seems useful with relatively squishy characters.

Jorgyn Ryys 101

Because the F11-D is a villain card.

the_eigensheep 77

Yea, it's not optimal in terms of upgrades, yet due to the limited card pool. Ideally, it would run 14ish weapon upgrades and none of them would cost more than 2. Hoping the next set helps it out a bit!