Talzin & Commando’s runner up Gencon 2018

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TaCos - Top 8 UK Nationals 5 4 0 1.0
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Runner-up Polish National Championship 13-14.10.2018 4 2 1 1.0
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Tacos Top16 Brazilian National 3 1 0 1.0

Sid 351

this write up has been sent by the Jordan (aka the_eigensheep) for his choice on weapons.

LL-30 - One of our local players, Cory Miller, won a nearby SC with this deck and thought they offered a lot of value despite being 2-cost. The Redeploy keyword helped keep dice on the board and the Ambush action allows for some sneaky 2-damage plays with both Super Commandos alive. I’d never tried it before, figured ‘what the hell’, and threw it into the deck.

Triple Threat - I ran Thrawn/Talzin at Worlds this year, and my biggest gripe was the lack of mult-dice interaction. Sometimes you just need to impact more than one of the opponent’s dice at a time. It does only impact character dice, and it’s not hard removal, but it lacks spot restrictions, has an odd cost, and can act as an additional focus side. Also, I’d never really tried it before, figured ‘what the hell’, and threw it into the deck.

Under Attack - Odd cost? Check. Diversify the color portfolio against Kylo decks? Check. Can affect multiple dice? Check. Potentially useless against decks with large amounts of indirect damage and mill decks? Double check. The hope was to leverage the large health pool and healing/damage prevention effects to soak up more damage before losing a character. Also, I’d never tried it before, figured ‘what the hell’, and threw it into the deck.

Exclusions - Crystal Ball/Hunting Rifle/Relby - This was just a preference. I have another version of this list that runs these things without the Holocron package. It works well, too. I’d argue that a variation with these cards has a slightly higher floor with more playable upgrades but a much lower ceiling - Sith Holocrons are capable of providing value that just can’t be found elsewhere. If I were to do it all again, I’d probably drop the LL-30 and Triple Threat in exchange for another Electroshock and a Vandalize. I’d probably drop the Force Throw in favor of another Rend or Force Wave as well.

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dpuck1998 46

Congrats to Jordan, he won our local store championship with this deck. It was very good and so was he. Glad to see a local guy go that far at Gencon.

RebelTraitor 259

this deck has to be called "our comms are broken"

Trey 178

What does the single LL-30 give you that something like an X-8 or something odd wouldn't?

dpuck1998 46

@Trey I would say the redeploy would be a big plus on the LL-30 Blaster Pistol over the X-8 Night Sniper

Trey 178

@dpuck1998but why a 2?

dpuck1998 46

@Trey, not sure Guess a 3 cost upgrade is too hard to get out if you are money starved??

AstroLad 368

In addition to being a solid gun and redeploy, there is a low-key cool play where you can unexpectedly dish out two power-action damage by having one of the cards (LL) be ambush.

badeesh 56

Gratz on the solid finish with this well-built epic mega cheese machine. Very nice list dude.

Shayde 38

Was dying to see your build after I heard you did so well with it. Will help me tune my own. Congrats on your run.

Wowjason 1

Great run at gencon and great finals match. Congrats

Epro 572

Wowww Chance Cube is an equipment...how did I not notice that? Sick value.

ussgordoncaptain 117

Why not play both 2 Crystal Ball and the holocron package? I played the build with Free-For-All and the 8 1 drops, before switching to holocron build as well. When you don't Chance Cube the Crystal Ball's provide consistency and can help increase the damage curve. Previous decks with holocron like Daniel Weisers deck that won worlds or the Vader2/Phasma2 deck that did well at AUS nationals would typically play 4 upgrades that don't rely on holocron.

Next i'm surprised you didn't run Arena of Death - Nar Shaddaa it's a really strong battlefield in this deck, as you are faster than all the other 3 wide decks but slower than all of the 2 wide decks. Obviously you probably tried to take shields every game but when the opponent chooses your battlefield, it's nice to have a strong late game as a result of having a Planetary Uprising in play for free.

I've grinded over 100 games at this point with similar builds and have been very successful with both Relby and Holocron (though I think holocron is better now because holocron is less reliant on chance cube resources)

the_eigensheep 77


You probably have about 60-70 more games on the character list than I do, so you might be right on these things. I played more games in this tournament alone with this deck than all the prior weeks combined. It was a last second call, and I just threw in a number of cards that I wanted to mess around with. It's far from optimized.

Holocron and Crystal Ball definitely aren't mutually exclusive by any means. I just didn't have room for it and the 'for fun' cards at the same time, as I wanted a to hit a certain number of mitigation cards.

As far as battlefields go, I've only ever played with Fort Anaxes. It helps leverage the large health pool and can help keep a character from getting spiked off the table T1. There are probably better battlefields for the deck, but I picked something safe and familiar. Also, it was one of a handful of battlefields I brought with me to the tournament, so options were limited.

the_eigensheep 77


That actually wasn't me! It was Cory Miller, another local who had been playing the deck for a couple weeks.

the_eigensheep 77


Redeploy is such a strong keyword, I wanted to see how it performed. If I play the deck again at a competitive event, it'll be one of the first cards cut. It didn't make as big of an impact as I'd hoped.

Drink Blue Milk 100

congrats man! awesome job

Aurelius47 52

Armed to the Teeth has come in clutch many times for me with both the red and blue versions of this deck. Is there any reason why you didn't include at least one copy?

the_eigensheep 77


It really was just a card that never crossed my mind. Haha. I knew I wouldn't play more than 5 even cost cards in the deck, which only left one flex slot for an even costed card. Chance Cubes and Holocrons certainly weren't going anywhere. As mentioned in the write up above, a local player is a big fan of LL-30 in this deck, so that was going to be my fifth even costed card if I chose to run more than four.

I can see how some surprise direct damage could be valuable to unexpectedly take out characters that otherwise seem safe. I'd have to play with it to get a feel for how often it's truly relevant to the outcome of the game, but it does seem interesting. I'll give it a go the next time I play the deck!

ussgordoncaptain 117

@the_eigensheepFor reference my full card change list is pretty small


Fort anaxes

Ll-30 blaster pistol

Triple threat

under attack

Force Rend


Arena of Death - Nar Shaddaa

2 Crystal Ball

1 Risky Move or Electroshock or Hunting Rifle

1 Force Wave

the_eigensheep 77


Those are all fair exchanges. In my write up I'm working on, I mention that LL-30 and Triple Threat would probably be the first to go in exchange for another Electroshock and either a Force Rend (I quite like it) or Force Wave, so we're on the same page.

Shayde 38

Force Rend could be a superstar if you keep running up against that shitty mill deck. I've added a vandalize too just in case.

the_eigensheep 77


I was a big fan of Force Rend. Useful in both the Vehicle and 3-wide mill matchup. Vandalize is on the short list to swap in. I think that's a good call!

Shayde 38

Especially when you KNOW people are so going to netdeck that miller. You get rid of that podracer and Annie immediately and you are good to go.