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The Destiny Council 2668

This is the deck Luke piloted to a top 8 finish at the Fargo Regionals (45 players).

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vitalis09 330

I believed in new Falcon since release of AtG. My version was a bit more 1 dimensional - so big kudos for yours. Im in love.

The Destiny Council 2668

After playing with it a few times, you realize that ATG Falcon is a crazy early game play. The ramp you get from bringing in the Escape Craft and using it twice a turn means it quite easily pays for itself. A round 1 Falcon often meant a round 2 Shadow Caster for me, and having both of those vehicles in play (and resetting them both) is just disgusting. It's not universally good, as the later in the game you play it the worse it gets (because you get less value from the resource ramp). But any vehicle deck that can consistently get enough resources to pay for it Round 1 should absolutely be playing ATG Falcon.

hollandg7 25

Did you ever find yourself without a big vehicle (N-1, speeder tank, or Falcon) in your starting hand? If so, how did you manage those first turns to avoid falling way behind?