Minnesota Regional Finalist and Semifinalist

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The Destiny Council 2655

This is the deck Luke and Rami piloted at the Minnesota Regional (77 players) to the finals and semifinals, respectively. Rami was knocked out by Luke in the semifinals in the 30 card mirror, and Luke lost to teammate Brian (playing Yoda/Leia2 mill) in the finals.

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fonfrost 1

Please write, if not hard, the results of the matches of these decks. I'd like to know which decks were beaten by this deck.

Imperial Spy 178

Most likely Vader/Greedo

The Destiny Council 2655

@fonfrost Luke's matches were as follows:

Round 1: Bye (1-0)

Round 2: Hann/Biggs (2-0)

Round 3: Yoda/Cassian/Anakin (3-0)

Round 4: Yoda/Qui-Gon/BR (3-1)

Round 5: Vader/Greedo (4-1)

Round 6: Kylo/Anakin (5-1)

Round 7: Han/Poe2 (6-1)

Round 8: Yoda/Leia2 (7-1 - scoop)

Top 8: Han/Poe2 (2-1)

Top 4: Snoke/Bazine/BD (2-0)

Finals: Yoda/Leia2 (0-2)

Theroyalfalcon 1

Why only 2 tie fighters instead of 4?

The Destiny Council 2655

@Theroyalfalcon I started with 4 Tie Fighters, but didn't find them to be super impactful. Decided to try Dooku's Sailer and ID10 instead, and I was pretty happy with the choice. Thought about trying to fit a 3rd Tie, but ultimately didn't feel that it was better than any of the cards I was currently playing.