Padmé/Kes Resistance Leaders

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Destry210 720

Protecting Padmé Amidala - Resolute Senator is key to win. If I have to choose a battlefield, I'll always choose my opponent's battlefield to put 2 shields on her except against mill deck where I would take mine.

The deck count on 8 mitigation cards which are : Suppressive Fire, Crash Landing, Measure for Measure, Rout. Also, Riot Shield can protect characters from damages and Resistance Ring can replay a red event in ANY discard pile (that means more Rout, Crash Landing and Measure for Measure). Plus, First Aid and Field Medic can heal both characters and be replayed with Resistance Ring. If my opponent play red, I could use his red event in his discard pile but he could do the same if he play Resistance Ring using my red events too.

Resources needs can be fulfilled with : both characters resource side, Resistance Ring, LAAT Gunship, Padmé Amidala's Royal Starship, Resistance Crait Speeder, Senate Chamber, Logistics and supports benefits from Tech Team economy. Mulliganing for Tech Team and Senate Chamber is very important because it can help ramp for Resistance Bomber, Padmé Amidala's Royal Starship and 1 LAAT Gunship. Besides these 3 big vehicles, 4 small ones are very important to this deck. Don't forget the Senate Chamber can also do damages with his 2 focus side while Padmé Amidala - Resolute Senator is alive.

Damage potentiel is huge with the ability of Padmé Amidala - Resolute Senator. While she's alive, Kes Dameron - Courageous Sergeant has 4 damage's side and she has 3 counting focus resolved like indirect. Considering they both have a 3 sides, with 2 resources, a maximum of 6 indirect and 6 range can be done in a round and it's from their dices alone.

So, the mulligan should be for : Tech Team, First Aid, Target Acquired, Resistance Ring and 1 mitigation cards.

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Toek 21

Nice deck. I think the low health pool is a bit tricky for a vehicle deck. And Crash Landing isn't damage reduction, just damage redirection. I would highly recommend 2 Bubble Shields. These synergize with the Crash Landings and help to mitigate damage overall, which i think is pivotal. Mabye drop the 2 Target Acquired for them.

Destry210 720

@ToekThis deck is built to be fast aggro with only 6 mitigation cards and 4 healing cards that can be double with Resistance Ring plus 2 upgrades blocking damages and 2 Suppressive Fire. Target Acquired is a must to kill the big character of an opponent. For Crash Landing, I don't have to take all damages but just the black die I want. To win I minimize the focus and abuse the indirect damage I can do with focus symbol everywhere while Padmé Amidala - Resolute Senator is alive. With healing and blocking , I think I have enough health from both to win games.