Imperial Triplets

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5 commentaires

Phillip 1

You should add a battle droid or a plot because 6 points is a lot to waste

derekstanggt 34

@Phillip Two of the troopers are elite. I just can't figure out how to show them as elite.

Phillip 1

Thanks! That makes more sense.

Phillip 1

You can add elite dice on edit by going to the character and upping the value (from 1 to 2). You might have to go to your collection to get more dice from CM, though.

siwelnivek 1

@Phillip That doesn't edit the number of dice. It edits the number of that card in your decklist. Right now, there is no way of making non-unique characters elite on here, except for putting 'e' in front of their name in the title of the deck.