The Last Jedi - Updated With Force Friday Starters

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The Last Jedi (Pearl Yeti - ETX 1st Place) 45 34 15 1.0
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Two Week Meta - eLuke/Rey 1 1 0 2.0

Pearl Yeti 920

Welcome to Luke/Rey 2.0! No time now to talk strategy, lets just list out the combos.

Force Speed to... Trust Your Instincts + resolve dice Concentrate + resolve dice Clash + resolve dice

Swiftness to... Trust Your Instincts + resolve dice Concentrate + resolve dice Clash + resolve dice Force Speed = 2 extra actions

My Ally is the Force to... Focus + resolve dice Luke 3 + resolve dice = 6+ damage Luke 3 + Guard to do 3 damage and remove 3 dice

Keep Luke alive at all costs! Cautioning a Rey blank or modified side EARLY is a far better play than holding onto the card or using it for a reroll 95% of the time.

Heroism works best to disrupt modified damage, but use it early on whichever of your two characters isn't the main target to give your other character some breathing room.

Rey dice +2 sides are PERFECT for Guard, hold onto them and learn to BLUFF Guard, this works wonders.

If you dice that adds up to at least 5 damage left on the board and cards left to reroll don't rush to claim. Let your opponent do that and then begin playing the odds without having to worry about control.

Use Force Illusion EARLY - this deck likes to deck itself and if you wait it you may not have cards left to use it. Blocking small damage is fine, don't hold out for a giant hit.

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Scactha 829

Not using Luke's Protection with himself is a criminal fail imho ;) That 2 per turn regen is just so sweet (just add Confidence too for getting rid of pesky Vibro dice).

I also find Concentrate easier to get value out of for 2 over My Ally that wants a 3 or a to work well. The drawback being non-ambush, but that´s what FS and player skill is for. Another note is Do Or Do Not that works well with Lukes dice imho.

Clash looks good in theory, but feels corner case. Rather Distraction or Force Misdirection.

Atomisk 3

Definitely gonna be testing these changes asap. I like how fast this version is compared to previous versions, with no Rejuvenate or Luke's Protection you don't waste a lot of economy. And with the swiftness, you REALLY don't lose much.

Pearl Yeti 920

@Atomisk you've got the idea. This is all about speed. Resolve without getting controlled. Kill the low cost character before they even get a full round in. Keep your opponent off their game by playing fast. When you take Ambush or extra actions, do them quick to unnerve your opponent. They will begin to play fast too and claim early and make mistakes ;-)