Hux's Heroes

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Hux's Heroes w/Guide 6 3 7 4.0

Toeko 51

Primer So I love the design of Hux, not sure why, so I will be attempting to make him work. I think Little Phasma (Captain Phasma - Ruthless Tactician) is what will allow him to work well. He wants to be in a 3 character deck and I think he needs to be 2 dice otherwise his ability won't be reliable enough for anything. Additionally this is the first draft, with no play experience yet. I will up date as I go.

Expect first draft of the Guide and play to come next Saturday (9/16)

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stranglebat 418

Love the idea, Fall back my harm you more than aid you in a lot of matches. Consider drop your weapon etc to make it one sided and free even when you lose a character.

Toeko 51

Thanks! I am wanting to change the deck up some, and focus more on upgrade/support removal. But I agree, Fall Back with the aggro upgrade kit most likely won't work outside of perfect plays (Fall Back/Mobilize + weapons in hand)