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Brandonious 227

K-2SO has been written off. Well, he does have some shitty abilities. But that's not going to stop us from trying to make use of him!!!

I paired him with yellow to open up some great card choices (with the spoiled cards) like Hidden Agenda. The usual Electroshock will probably make an appearance in this deck at some point, but I want to exhaust the other options first. I also chose the Wookiee Warrior because the character's dice are very synergistic.

12 cards split between doing damage with weapons, and being awesome with abilities and equipment. I would take the guess that K2 would be the opponents target first, allowing things like Plastoid Armor, Lone Operative and Hidden Agenda to be used early on K2 when you get them, and right before K2 dies, slap a weapon down and do some work. Meanwhile, all other weapons go on the Wookie.

Not to make this too reliant on K2, I did include some banana's crazy weapons for the Wookie. BD-1 Cutter Vibro-AX is going to be another auto-include for weapon heavy decks going forward. Pair the ax with Vibroknife and ka-boom! Shield's don't matter anymore. One big advantage to this yellow/red pairing is Electrostaff for the Wookie. For a cost of 2, it takes those huge numbers with a down to FREE!

I needed some bigger event cards that will grant me the edge in trying to win quickly and efficiently - plus to make sure I get use out of Hidden Agenda. Mobilize/Direct Hit/Entrenched are my cards of choice.

Mobilize was chosen because of the Wookiee Warrior dice cost, AND the ability to play and do whatever I want. is gold.

Direct Hit is my one of for some aggressive sneaky damage. 2 may be the way to go, but I will have to play and find out.

Entrenched is my defensive option for a big cost. 5 shields almost covers the entire gambit of what I can use.

Even with only 2 copies of Hidden Agenda, I believe all of these options will play to the deck's strengths.

My supports were chosen in case I couldn't win with what I had in-visioned in my mind. C-3PO can resolve any dice the way I want. The Wookies 3 for a side can be picked for a 3 or to even come out of nowhere with resources. Planetary Uprising is the alternative win condition. Although, if it got to that point, I'm not sure how long this deck would survive with just one character.

As much as I would like to call this deck an aggro build...I'm not sure it's quite there, but I will find out!!!

Happy gaming, friends. -Brandonious Industries

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