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xernon 8

Blue aggro deck focusing on weapons with Rey's utility. With EAW we gain access to two really nice 2 cost weapons: Ancient Lightsaber and Shoto Lightsaber, and the Two-Player Game brings us Rey's Lightsaber. With Padawans' ability and the other discounting cards (It Binds All Things, Destiny and Reaping The Crystal) you can split the weapons between the 3 characters so your opponent won't know who to kill first, and if they manage to kill one of your girls it won't have that much impact. Also Funeral Pyre makes all of your weapons redeployable.

I am confident with the amount of weapons in the deck, however it surely needs testing. The same is true for dice mitigation, but the deck seems so fast that it doesn't really need any. I will update any playtest results as soon as I can.

There are some flex slots in the deck that I'm filling right now with Endurance and Force Illusion, both of these cards seem quite solid IMHO.

If you have any suggestions don't keep it to yourself, I am open to constructive critisism.

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