eQui-Gon/Zeb - Sheild Aggro

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Anubuss 7

First deck, pure theroy crafting based on what is available. Mostly looking to get feedback to see if my limited play experience pairs well with experience from other deck building tcgs.

Goal of the deck is to try to maximize damage output and disrupt if able. Zeb brings a big burst of damage, while Qui-Gon will build up Sheilds and ping as I hit excess. Riposte will provide surprise kills.

Falcon + Cheat was feeling gimickie, so I swapped Cheat mostly for Planned Explosion. I feel like there are decent odds to hit 10 to blow up a character once I get all dice rolled, and it lets me avoid that resource cost on Zeb.

Please suggest some budget friendly alternatives to things like Ancient Lightsaber. I am using a friends collection to get me started and the 1 he has is spoken for. Right now this deck is just purely for fun.

If i get fully into the game, I may go in for the full deck as much as I dare go.

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Icezox 1

Cool idea. I would put some VibroknifeVibroknife to get a bit more agro against force illusion wich can be tricky to finish and is Played in every blue décks nowadays

FireandCheese 7

i like the idea too! maybe with falcon and zeb be maybe ez pickings in here? you don't have many yellow events.

Anubuss 7

I'll fiddle with the Vibroknifes, thanks for the intel.

I feel like Falcon is being wasted here. I will bring Cheat back in and add a few other events for Yellow.

Hopefully when I get this peiced together, I don't have to go scrounging for potential replacements.