Luke/Aayla Unlimited Redeploy

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truth123 305

This deck was meant to be published with the plot Built to Last to make up for the lost points. It's main focus is to get out a lot of upgrades extremely fast and to hit hard with them. I understand that luke probably was not the best choice for this due to his dice sides, however his points and his ability make up for it. Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber is just a solid card with its special and its dice sides. Journals of Ben Kenobi is just there for a turn one Heirloom Lightsaber, Rey's Lightsaber or a luke's lightsaber. The Force is Strong is there for very bad hands where you can't pay for everything; the most ideal situation for this is when you draw into 2 copies of Master of the Council for a turn one redeploy four dollar beatstick of a card. Force Speed is there for tfis and for getting out other upgrades. I will be testing this on tts to see how it goes.

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