Thrawn Fett OTK local tournament winner

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Batty76 636

Hi all,

I been tweaking, testing, updating and finally got a much more solid version.

I tried 2 dice boba 1 dice thrawn and vice versa. 2 dice Thrawn works so much better.

Hux wasnt doing it for me and lets say Hux/boba wasnt a very good build even though it can hit like a truck.

I chose Thrawn for several reasons...

  1. having the chance to remove dice removal cards from opponent.
  2. resource and focus sides
  3. most importantly knowing and always having that advantage of knowing what the opponent has.

The sacrifice is losing 1 boba dice. Even with 1 dice Boba you can still achieve 10 plus damage on turn 1.

The hux/boba deck was the innitial idea. But this deck design is much more consistant.

some of the decks I played today was against...

Boba/phasma which first round achieved 10 damage

I in return did 10 damage back and killed phadsma (I won this mach).


I managed to kill kylo and with only having 3 life left and 2 shields on thrawn... I controlled his dice and killed his character in 1 go (another win).

Anyway, the deck performs much better. So please have a look and let me know your thoughts.

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GregtheBiz 391

How are you doing 10 damage in Round 1? Delve for an AT-ST with Thrawn - Master Strategist showing a 2?

Batty76 636

Delve/disruptor rifle or atst.

Razelll 244