Doctor Who? Local Trilogy Winner 3-1

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niftynick 502

Built this based on the Standard list of the same characters, and I'd been excited to try a different Aphra list so I decided to build it and try it. I had to adjust it a bit for Trilogy format, but really it's much the same idea just without Tech Team and Force Illusion.

Game 1: Vs Boss Nass - Bombastic Ruler, Jar Jar Binks - Clumsy Outcast, and 2 Gungan Warriors.

This list is pretty heavy on Indirect Damage so going into 28 starting health is rough. On top of that, I was terrified of Arena of Death - Nar Shaddaa - probably too scared since I was in so much indirect. So, gotta dig through 30 points at the kickoff. I didn't see 0-0-0 at all, which I think is a key card. Dropped a Hailfire Droid Tank early, which is just a crazy good card. The economy in this match worked well though because Aphra was a great help and rolled her resource side 2 or 3 times in a row, all of which I think I Snoke'd for 3 s. But the Gungans rolled a lot of blanks, chipped away a lot, and with 2 Bubble Shields, they really just soaked up all of my damage. Defeated one Gungan and Boss, but ultimately ran out of health on my side first. - Loss.

Game 2: Maul - Vengeful One and Captain Phasma - Elite Trooper.

I got out 0-0-0 immediately and then was able to play both Climate Disruption Arrays. I was ahead on damage the whole match, so the Arrays was a good trade all game. Their 21 health didn't last very long. - Win.

Game 3: DJ - Treacherous Rogue and Greedo - Unlucky Mercenary

I really appreciate the heavy mitigation idea going on here, but my health was able to soak DJ's indirect from removal and Snoke's focus was able to be used when I knew he was out of mitigation. Very close finish, but I pulled it out at the end. Didn't help that their Slave I Power Action didn't connect once out of four tries. Would've made the difference, so I'll mark this one down a bit to luck. - Win

Game 4: Kylo Ren - Tormented One and Anakin Skywalker - Conflicted Apprentice

Our local Kylo player and he plays it well. I knew with Rainbow-ish I would do okay and without Force Illusion I was decently confident that I could do the damage. Kylo hit 1 out of 3 on his ability, which was good. But I played out 0-0-0 early and Kylo Ren's Starfighter (to give him a taste of his own medicine!) and got ahead on damage. It was a quick match, I got to use Snoke's 2 and Power Action on Aphra's guns to great effect and I tore through Anakin in 2 rounds and Kylo in the third. Win


I liked this list a lot more than I guess I thought I would. The economy worked pretty well in all cases because of Reprogram and Aphra - using Snoke's Power Action on Aphra was always worth it on all sides except the shields. Climate Disruption was great when I used it and Hailfire Droid Tanks are just plain strong, as most people know.

Cards I wasn't thrilled about: In The Crosshairss, just wasn't super effective against anyone at any point and expensive. Cards I was very pleased with: Testing Procedure, 0-0-0, and Climate Disruption Array.

Went 3-1 and ended up winning the tournament - earning a promo Battle Droid to use next time!

Thanks for reading! :)

4 commentaires

beglobal 7

Nice job, Nick! I really like this list!

lengelmp 1146

what would you swap in the crosshairs for?

Rokandre 14

Did Petranaki Arena - Geonosis ever backfired on you? Did you get to claim very often?

niftynick 502

Sorry Im late to answering but here goes.

@lengelmp Doubt probably. Bit of grey in there for the Kylo games and free instead of unaffordable.

@Rokandre Yes, probably worth a swap tbh - not sure to what. More than one occassion an opponent claiming was the death of Aphra. I used it to try and get another draw with the indirect. I claimed a decent amount for a 3-wide vehicle list but it didnt work out perfectly.