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rockntroll 173

This lineup started as a fun and totally casual deck. The more I played it the more intresting it became. It ended up doing very well against lots of meta decks (Vader Greedo, Yoda Leia, etc), so I decided to bring it to the GQ.

Its main weakness is the destruction of Black One. I tried adding some more vehicles and/or guns for a plan B but I soon dropped them. It is an aggro deck and if you lose your early tempo it's too late for a comeback. I added instead 2 Shield Generator. You have to play around Vandalize , N-1 Starfighter and EMP Grenades when it's possible, but some times you just have to go for it.

The plan is simple: Play Black One, attach a couple of mods and use BB-8 for the reset and the wonderfull die for just 1 resource.

The consistency of this deck is insane: You will always have Black One turn one, you have Poe Dameron - More Than A Pilot to fix your dice and deal some damage, Biggs Darklighter - Rebellion Ace will reroll some more dice, Black One will fix itself with the power action, BB-8 will add even more with his 3 focus sides. So... you'll almost always get what you want out of your dice no matter what you roll.

The on the Black One can deal loads of damage. Most of the times you can easily get 4-5 dmg out of this one die (focus to the special, power action, etc).

Aerial Advantage is the real MVP, if you have it in your hand, or if it is likely to draw it next turn just claim early, it's always worth to leave a couple of damage unresolved in order to play it next turn. Remove 2 dice and turning one more for just 1 resource is game winning on its own.

Add some suprise element like Hit and Run and Intense Fire and you have a force to be reckoned with. Feel free to ask any questions!

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Fresck 193

Hey! I'm the french Lando/Biggs guy! Thanks for sharing the list! Still find it awesome! :D

ShepDogg921 53

I'm also running the same character/plot pairing and can attest to it's effectiveness. There's not much difference between mine and yours. I've got Poe Dameron's Blaster, Handheld L-S1 Cannon, Mend and Motivate in mine. A lot of the other cards we share. You're right though, protecting Black One and it's Die is pretty pivotal.

ShepDogg921 53

Was there a specific reason you decided to not go with Targeting Astromech? I'd want another droid mod possibility so I can get that special going asap. That being said, I only have 1 in mine but I still think it's great for the deck.

rockntroll 173

About the Targeting Astromech I think that I have enough die fixing and the slots are pretty tight. In my experience you must not go all in with the special, if you can go for the extra dmg go for it but most of the times just power action it to the 2 and call it a day, you need to be kinda fast for the Aerial Advantage too!

I tried using some guns too, even adding Rearm (it works on mods as well), but I found that I almost never played them, I wanted the resources for removal, mods or R2 Astromech resets.

Motivate is just better than Logistics, I didn't think about it! After biggs is gone it's a dead card but so is logistics because at that point you don't really care about resources that much.

Last but not least cheers @Fresck it was a great game!! Too bad that it will not work as well after rotation hits, I'll totally look into evolving it in the new standard format.

Thanks for the comments guys!

rockntroll 173

As an added bonus this deck is veeeery budget friendly, the only legendaries are 2 BB-8 costing 3-4 euros each.

lij_xo 169

LOVE this deck. I've always thought that Black One with BB-8 is under-played. I've rolled out more than 6 damage in a turn with that combo. Red heroes!

DimmFet 9

Thoughts on adding rex blaster to deck? Activation of both characters and Black One, all in one motion.

rockntroll 173

I've thought about it and I found it a little too expensive to include plus you also need to control the battlefield. A cheaper alternative would be Wingman but I find that the flexible card slots are very few. Another card worth mentioning is Partnership if you want to go more aggro-fast, mayble consider All In too (lots of focus in there).

General Vatutin 20

Budget friendly. Yes, but triple laser and dorsal each cost more than BB-8. Nice deck.

General Vatutin 20

After seeing this, I wonder if there is a way to make this work with 3 wide with anakin podracing prodigy? Haven’t seen a single soul post that yet so I assume not, but all those resources, extra heath, and access to Yellow sounds intriguing.

General Vatutin 20

@rockntroll: how often were you able to get hold of Theed? Cheers mate.

rockntroll 173

@General Vatutin well most of the times it's a win win situation. Either you leave 1-2 dice unresolved in order to claim and play Aerial Advantage next turn (the extra Theed will be an added bonus), or you bait your opponent to claim, then play bb-8, reset and resovle and without any fear of removal. I find myself winning lots of games after my opponent has claimed, thinking that my turn is over, then playing bb8 and r2 and dealing lots of damage out of nowhere. Your goal is to kill the main character t2, if you do that it doesn't really matter who has the bf.

rockntroll 173

@General Vatutin about the rares, they are quite cheap too. For instance www.cardmarket.com cheapest one is 50cents. Dorsal was at 2-3 euros last time I checked. The whole deck costs about 20euros (your non die cards are almost all commons too!), if you buy only singles. About adding anakin, I don't think it is worth sacrificing the speed the damage on biggs die. It will be a totally different, kinda slow, vehicle deck, not a fast aggro deck as it is supposed to be.

General Vatutin 20

Thanks for giving me your thought process on the battlefield. I did not see those two possibilities. Sorry, I made a mistake, what about epoe/Rebel Engineer/anakin podracing p with most of the same strategy except not guaranteeing it round one and likely putting two black ones in? x2 Black one, x2 caster, and maybe x2 resistance crate speeders with x2 arc casters? 15/8/7 ....that was the one I was thinking of? Too slow? -2 shield gen +2 shadow casters, -1 surgical strike +1 black one, -2 R2 +2 arc casters, -2 first Aid +2 resistance speed craters. 6 vehicles and 6 upgrades +2 BB upgrades?

Do you think that could work with a few more vehicles? I am attempting to build a lot of decks to use a lot of the main characters and don’t have a place for little anni anywhere but a millionaires deck. Not really wanting to play against THAT deck as I always play villains and the wife plays hero. Coming across your deck spawned that idea because I really wanted Poe with black one and so far yours is the best idea. Just attempting to get more mileage using my casters and anni is it would work? What does your gut tell you having used all the other parts. Rebel Engineer and Anakin produce a lot of resources, but the obvious trade off for heath is the opening. Might be able to get one easy picking and entangle in—just one because Knowing the deck if I put more than two spot yellows anakin killed first would shut off too many cards. I got to finally learn to play instead of just watching on TTS so I can test more than using my brain. If it can’t hang, I’ll just go with your set-up. Tx. Cheers

rockntroll 173

Well the deck you are proposing is a hybrid between this one and L3-37 - Droid Revolutionary double Rebel Engineer. I think it will work but it will not be as consistent because you lose your most important card of those decks... Armored Reinforcement. Now with the new set and the rotation I will try an updated version of this deck with some more vehicles because Shield Generator is rotating out. It will be a totally different deck, I think, it will look most likely like the one you propose.