Luke's Backup Muscle

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Bryce 11

I got tired of seeing the same decks in the trilogy section and wanted to throw in something I've been working on.

Currently trying to mulligan hard for Defensive Teaching and Loth-Wolf Bond.

Keep your Jedi Temple Guard shielded up and guardian everything you can that equals your shields. Try to avoid guardian'ing into health damage until you get Inner Strength setup. I like using Loth-Wolf Bond early, it can really help you establish the shield tempo you need to stay on top of the damage curve.

Some big plays use classic shield moves like Heightened Awareness into Ataru Strike or into Unbreakable.

Remember not to resolve all your sides at the same time if you see multiple instances of damage coming. Also, your Force Jump and Inner Strength get a free activation on Luke as long as you don't activate a Jedi Temple Guard until Luke can resolve them. Force Jump can really do some work for you in this deck.

This is definitely a midrange deck, which is not favored in the current meta. I'm not expecting fireworks with this build, but stumbled across it and want to see what it can do.

Constructive criticism is welcome! Cheers!

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Flesch Kincaid 1

Love this deck!

Have you considered including “ Steadfast? This would move the damage like Inner Strength but could also immediately move the 2 damage taken from Bitter Rivalry if you draw it on turn 1.

All in all, looks like a really fun deck!

Orffme 57

I really like this deck!

Bryce 11

Thanks! Steadfast is definitely worth testing, as well as Invigorate!

Right now my biggest flex cards are Safeguard and Inner Strength. I could use a bit more economy, like Respite or Adapt. Will keep testing and update as we go!


LukePM1776 91

If only Kylo2 did not exist. Other than Kylo, the only problem I see is that there are not many force abilities to make use of Luke's ability. I think Rey2 might be stronger. Steadfast is a must with bitter rivalry, and you want to mulligan for it.

Bryce 11

That is definitely something to consider Luke. We see Kylo locally about 1 in 30 decks, so its not to bad. Plus this deck is well setup to repeatedly soak his 2 damage sides.

This deck excels as decks with less character die, such as Darth Vader - Terror To Behold / Jawa Scavenger that is plaguing our local trilogy nights. Inversely, this deck has trouble controlling the wider vehicle decks, as most do.

With 28 health the Bitter Rivalry damage doesn't hurt as much as some other decks, and I have found I can regularly generate 4-6 a round just from dice.

I agree with you about the abilities, maybe Counterstroke is worth testing?

Thanks for the great feedback everyone!

LukePM1776 91

Counterstroke certainly should be tested, but I imagine your opponent will play around it's ability in which case it is a bad card. If your playing standard or trilogies, Force Lift and Force Wave are the two abilities that first come to mind; if your playing infinite, I would try Makashi training. Also add one immutability as an insurance policy for your force abilities in case one of your guards dies.