Trilogies Hero LTP Mill

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OverbakedEZBake 15

I really wanted to try using Long Term Plan again, and this is the result. It’s subject to change, and I haven’t had the chance to test it just yet.

4 commentaires

Orffme 57

Never thought of using LTP for mill. Cool idea!

OverbakedEZBake 15

@Orffme Yeah, my main goal is to use it almost as a commando raid of sorts. Build it up to a 2-stack, then start resolving discards with it. Not to mention, my opponent can’t do anything about LTP, so unless if they can mitigate ALL of my discard dice, I’m in a good position.

Imperial Spy 172

I like this deck to be honest. Its a fun new Idea! What's your thoughts on Vandalize? In mill decks it seems like dice are more valuable. I like the idea of 1 of them but maybe not 2? Weird but cool choice on Macrobinoculars. Also you should probably include more red cards since theres no reason not too.

OverbakedEZBake 15

@Namedink I swapped a vandalize and Into the Crosshairs for two suppressive fires. I also swapped both of my Drop Ins in favor of Field Medic, when it gets reprinted. Any other ideas?